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Going to restrict new political ads in the week before the November election, CEO Mark Zuckerberg tells CBS this morning. It's part of an effort to stop misinformation. Someone is dumping some new information of its misinformation in the last days of the election. There may not be time for the normal kind of debate and process to play out, and that's why I think it's important to have extra restrictions in the last week political scientist Larry Sabato to the extent that they can actually achieve this, it will help it won't solve the overall problem. There'll still be lots of misinformation, especially about so called voter fraud since that's being encouraged by President Trump Mr Trump supporters yesterday to vote by mail, then vote in person. A postal Service audit Find 68,000 pieces of political male were delayed for five days in Baltimore, just ahead of June's primary there. Health secretary, A czar tells CBS this morning the government's pushed to get states ready to distribute a possible cove in 19 vaccine just before the election is not about politics. I think it's very irresponsible help people are trying to politicize notions of delivering a vaccine to the American people. We already have a significant challenge in this country. With vaccine hesitancy. There's word President Trump is looking into de funding cities where there have been major protests all run by Democrats. New York City is one target, Mayor Bill de Blasio said this morning. You Failed us and now you want to punish us? It makes no sense now to Rochester, New York, were video off a march arrest sparked protest ng Daniel prude dot of asphyxiation. After being handcuffed, hooded and pinned down. Relatives are demanding justice placed a phone call for my brother.

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