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Because when I talked to Kermit in Nashville few weeks ago when I was working the middle Tennessee game at Bridgestone arena. I said did you like did you know, what mmediately that you were going to be way better than people realize? And he said, well, I knew I inherited two really good SEC. Guards. And that's a great place to start, you know, AK left me to really good guards. And I knew what those guys have chance to maybe surprise somebody. And they surprised everybody again pick last in the SEC sitting there three and right now, and I've got him fourteenth in the top twenty five and one, and I don't know if they are really the fourteenth best team ountry. But I do know that they deserve to be there right now, given what they've accomplished beat Auburn middle the week. And then go to Mississippi State and beat of a good like legitimate top twenty twenty five Mississippi State team. It was a tremendous week for for almost basketball tremendously Kermit Davis, Gonzaga, one at San Francisco late on Saturday zags are now sixteen into and Kim palm has as at least a six point favorite to win every remaining game. Ask you this. You think zag runs the table takes thirty two and two record into selection Sunday. I think it runs the table in the regular season. I won't go as far runs the table with the league tournament that just bring to three more games into it on a neutral floor and USF. This was a really fun game. I think this was the best game of Saturday perish. And the final score was not indicative of this is actually a case for those who don't like margin of victory because they think that sometimes it can be misleading. You had that here. San Francisco was tied with Gonzaga with three and changed left. It was only a two possession game with like two and change to go. And then. Which did not have Tilly available on the floor because he had failed out. Zach Norville had a three from the top of the key Brennan clerk had Studly block. He was awesome Gonzaga pulls away wins. But this was in doubt. No doubt about it. This is best chance to lose. Now. Could've drop it BYU or Saint Mary's potentially even loyal amounts had some goodness to its India goes, well, but even if you look at the WC, which I think can almost willing to say will but won't go there. Just yet. Also be multi-bit league. You gotta have the teams that play well and non-conference stand up for themselves. Once you get to January here and you're getting some bumps on the road with San Diego. Mary mountain seems I mentioned Saint Mary's actually isn't rating as well. This season hasn't recent years. It would be ironic if Saint Mary's for some reason one the auto bid down the road here in a year where it doesn't really have the non conference to develop that given the way that they've been kept out of the tournament twice over the past. I want to say five maybe six years due to weak non conference play San Francisco's a lot of fun. They've got the guy who I think has. And there are college basketball annually has tremendous names there, are you could if you went to up and down every single Rosser you'd find at least forty names that are. Incredible. But there is no better one given his name and his game. And the fact that he plays for the dawn's than Frankie Ferrari. He was terrific. I want Frankie Ferrari in the tournament bring on all of your talion car, puns. I don't care. The team is a lot of fun to watch. If it plays the way it played from most of the rest of the season against non-kazakh team. San Francisco is going to have accumulated a resume that will be good enough to get them in even as an at large. I I'm going to say right now, why not prediction, I will say San Francisco is in the tournament that team is good enough for sure. And also as a side. No, it's been tracking well in the net rankings, which aren't everything, but it was highly ranked early and it's dropped a little bit..

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