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Com, well the numbers for the. Giants I think they're very. Important they've lost three straight five of their last six and seven of their last. Night not a good time to do. This they're six and a half games behind the. Dodgers and Dave said the dodgers who went into night the dodge. Giants largest episode is now six and a half since may the. First so they've got to get it going. Tonight today's pitching matchup is sponsored by carmax America's number one used car. Retailer now open in the bay. Area it's a good. One Johnny Cueto makes his fourth start since coming back from the elbow. Misery so he's home here to go against your lease. Chassis we've seen a lot of over the years in San Francisco is foreign one with a. Two, oh two. Earned run average in eight starts But eight and seven overall against the. Giants cueto's eleven and three against the brewers but that was before the. Injury and other years past timeout. A look at today's. Keys to the game sponsored by Clark pest control ROY your pest control. Needs visit Clark Bruce can hit the ball out. Of the park and not a lot of home runs here at AT and t. part for. Opposition, or the. Giants but I think tonight Guys have got. To get to the long ball mccutchen leads off they've got to get some more runs on the board. They're not getting that clutch hit with runners in scoring position in. Two out and they, got a knock, one out of the park so my key. To the game for Cueto keep the ball in the park. Don't hang that curveball get out of the first inning for the giants let score more. Than three or four runs our xfinity x. factor the game sponsored by expended expanding makes it easy to stream fast and watch better enjoy top networks. And live sports, on the go on any device this is a team the brewers bullpens and for. Me that's said, expended, factor, tonight giants have. Gotten close to their bullpen, without knocking them out the last couple of nights tonight is the night for me. To get to their bullpen it's going to happen. And they've, gotta get Jefferson out of the game this time if they, see him, and, not let him get, off the. Hook so for me bullpens will be the xfinity factor of the game more coming up right after this I'm Tom Shane hey guys it's rawdon chain one. Of the reasons customers Come back to Shane company year after, year is because they, know they're getting the best value on fine jewelry. We're known for our superior standards we only..

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