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I didn't turn around to see her there was no looking back this is yougoslavia as my hands in the middle of the hand is on the right side more towards the north is serbia nardi saad do we were going towards that direction going to my hometown when i saw a new form barricades and around fifty to sixty women and kids kids crying and of women yelling i want to go and so everybody heard on on the radio there will be ceasefire and they're trying to go so the army stopping us and saying who are you and where are you going we are standing in the back of that line when suddenly one of the soldiers that appeared to be the main guy in that barricade said hey nada come here then no is as good or bad and i started walking to the front of the line and i come close to him and i recognize him he's one of these faithful fans from my basketball years that meet you in a boss or on the street says oh i have watched your game last night you played really well and i was always politely thanked him and stop and talk.

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