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I was thinking of buying a all wheel drive vehicle and I will get the best of both worlds I do like the Dodge challenger and I know they make a well will drive now the G. T. I was just one of your thoughts are on that well I haven't seen one yet I don't know if they do just probably just started making them so I don't know I can't give you you know any good feedback on whether they make a good all wheel drive vehicle but they have been making other vehicles like for instance the Chrysler three hundred and in a in a few other ones the charges they made that one and all wheel drive as well and they seem to hold a pretty good so I would assume that they're going to use the same system yeah from what I understand I get that the same platform as the three hundred they'll him on twenty seventh he actually the G. T. seventeen oh okay I haven't seen one yet yeah I haven't I haven't got one for anybody but you know I could certainly take a look for if you're interested how's the sedan market going by the way does it continue to plunge into oblivion yeah I mean you see more more people seem to be by an S. U. V. A.'s and and pick up trucks pickup trucks a huge what is the dance down to as a as a percentage of the market you know I don't have the exact figures but I'm going to say it's probably about thirty thirty five percent now really yeah I can do it have come out with some good looking sedans of the past few years though yeah they they making a comeback at all yeah but that the force not gonna make sedans anymore that's the that's the big thing yeah so they're gonna make just Taylor's Olson and then he's been sacked okay he's not he's not exactly the millennial market the middle of it you know it's kind of a throwback he's further back than me I love fins electricity is my dad sixty one caddy that you do for Christmas last year awesome who who is the sharpest fence apt I was gonna say fifty nine fifty nine yeah that's my couch like my cat like nice yeah eight four four five hundred forty two forty two please ask bill what he thinks about the twenty sixteen Cadillac ATS two oak turbo pretty good there actually been pretty good the only problem with the cat is is they that if attainment system seems to be pocket Adam constantly so in other words you know we you everything is is in one one basic quadrant in a you get your radio your heat Nick conditioning and all the functionality of everything and they are and that seems to go that touch screen is bad really yes yeah so well we've got some fixes far but if if somebody's got a problem with it by the way but the thing is you don't have to buy a new piece from Cadillac is I think the like before grant a bat yeah yeah I know it's expensive he to heat the air conditioning and radio those are pretty pretty important yeah well everything's there the heated seats there I mean every function in the car is basically in that it's like a little computer if you will yeah I know that's that's why I missed my fifty nine Chevy impala these go on I love those sites you just can't get going too fast because all right wings will get you up I know exactly exactly we'll be right back with bill Papageorgiou you can call him a during the break you can column after the show anytime tomorrow eight hundred three hundred forty six hundred bill Papa George when the car guys.

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