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Chains on your car to get over Stevens pass. This morning. Traction tires are required over Snoqualmie pass. But on the big rigs the vehicles over ten thousand gross vehicle weight chains are still required. Komo news time eight oh. Seven state attorney general Bob Ferguson is blasting members of a school shootings. Workgroup who finalized recommendations that will go to state lawmakers? Get the story from komo's Carleen Johnson. Mass shootings work group was tasked with coming up at twenty five recommendations to prevent mass shootings for the focus on schools. They had representatives from city and county law enforcement step trolls superintendents and representatives from colleges among the suggestions that the state provide more dollars to hire counselors psychologists and more school resource officers. The during a meeting of this group back in July, the ACLU pushed back about putting more cops in schools Garfield, high school assistant principal. Katrina hunt responded, are you hearing any feedback about what works or doesn't work about police presence in your school? I think ours. Most of our SRO's have been there for a long time. So they built those relationships. So I. Haven't heard any negative feedback about them being in the assistant attorney general Kelly, laid out four ideas put forth by Ferguson, including a limit on high capacity, gun magazines. But the effort held reports none of those recommendations ended up being included in what the task force put forward. Carleen johnson. Komo news. Twenty nine year old Colorado. Mom, Kelsey barris was last seen in her hometown. On thanksgiving her cell phone pinged, not long afterward in Idaho. ABC's? Lana Zak reports she has ties to our state police say her car along with her makeup suitcases remained untouched at her home her family in disbelief hopes she will be reunited with them soon at some points. We're going to have answers, and we crave that Kelsey will come home safely. Kelsey brother says he's certain she did not pack to go anywhere. And as far as the family knows. She has no ties to Idaho, where her cell phone last pinged, Kelsey Berith does have family in the Tri cities. The city of seatac is mourning the loss of one of its newest council members Amina off med died. In a head on car crashed Saturday on south one eighty eighth in seatac. The fifty two year old was an immigration and refugee rights community leader. And was newly appointed to the seatac city council in October friends, tell us they will work hard to continue her work. The mayor of seatac called her a.

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