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From NPR news in Washington I'm Laxmi saying police in Gilroy California have identified the gunman in last night's deadly shooting at a food festival is nineteen year olds Antena William leak and four people including the gunman were killed and more than a dozen others were wounded and peers Eric Westervelt reports police are still looking for a possible second suspect Gilroy police say they believe sand Tino llegan cut through a fence near a creek to get around tight security at the annual garlic festival he then opened fire police say with a semi automatic assault type rifle purchased legally in Nevada earlier this month chief Scott Smith he says three of his officers likely save lives by engaging the gunmen in less than a minute despite the fact that they were out gunned with the candles against a rifle those three officers were able to fatally wound that suspect and the event and it very quickly the chief says there's no word yet on motive and they're still investigating a possible second suspect the victims include a six year old boy a thirteen year old girl and a man in his twenties Eric Westervelt NPR news the British government says it will not release an Iranian flag will tanker in exchange for a British flag tanker that was detained by Iran and peers joined kisses has the latest from London a run captured a British flag oil tanker the stand and pero in the strait of Hormuz earlier this month Tehran has hinted that it might free this ten AM pero if Britain also releases the grace one and Ronnie an oil tanker that the British Royal Navy seized in Gibraltar on July fourth but Britain's new Foreign Secretary Dominic rob told the BBC that there can be no quid pro quo he says the grace one was detained legally for violating a U. oil sanctions on Syria wares around seizure of the stand and pero is state piracy that's the same phrase arounds foreign minister Javad Zarif used to describe Britton's capture of the grace one join I can guesses NPR news London following another weekend of clashes between protesters and police in Hong Kong the Chinese government has outlined its response stalwart support for the local administration of chief executive Carrie lam and the police Beijing says it wants no harm done to national security no challenge to the central government's authority and no outside interference and peers Julie McCarthy reports that Beijing's words were closely watched for clues on what direction Hong Kong will take it was the first briefing by the Beijing policy office on Hong Kong since the handover in a put the onus on the local administration to find a solution to the unrest that's convulsed Hong Kong for eight weeks but what it did not say was perhaps as significant as what it did there was no direct indication that the people's liberation army would be deployed to Hong Kong streets which would have a late the worst fears of many in Hong Kong this is NPR when Kentucky public school students returned to classes this fall they'll be greeted by new displays bearing the national motto in god we trust Josh James with member station W. UK why has the story the signs are now required under a new state law passed this year by the General Assembly while supporters point to the mottos history and prominence in the country as reasons to post the phrase in schools critics argue the signs could make students of differing fates feel on welcome under the law all public elementary and secondary schools in Kentucky must display the phrase in a prominent location by the start of the upcoming school year in twenty fourteen Kentucky lawmakers added in god we trust displays to the legislature's committee rooms for NPR news on Josh James in Lexington the latest deadly prison ride in Brazil this year is an especially grizzly one at least fifty two inmates were killed sixteen of them were decapitated officials say the unrest began early this morning at a facility in all to mere involving rival gangs two guards were reportedly taken hostage but were eventually released Canada's WestJet airlines says it's removing the Boeing seven thirty seven MAX jet from its schedule until November fourth western is the country's second largest carrier the Max fleet has been grounded since its planes were involved in two deadly crashes in Indonesia and eat the yolk yep problem with the aircraft automatic anti stall systems is at the center of the investigations.

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