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With central honor flight number sixteen it's been an amazing day thus far we visited the iwojima statue we visited the world war two memorial we had the v e day commemorating ration which went well and was well attended at least a thousand people on hand for that and now a lot of the naval veterans here from world war two korea and vietnam eighty four year old burn gaylord of turlock is a us navy veteran and served in korea saving downed american pilots vanilla word or canoes except really entrust wherever did this littered actual jawf on our next stop we are heading to the korea more quake taylor reporting from washington dc for km news that cup of joe must carry a warning label km jay's aaron abate eexplains court ruling is your earlier this year now final coffee sold on the golden state must have a warning label stating that it may cause cancer nonprofit groups sued dozens of coffee companies including starbucks and curic over lack of warnings about carcinogens which are byproduct of the roasting process companies argue that the levels were too small to be considered armful and therefore coffee should be exempt but the court found otherwise saying that the benefits of drinking coffee dorman darlie outweigh the potential risks era debate you km j news over to wall street the dow currently off eighty four points twelve or three a km j valley weather right now partly cloudy eighty three at radio city expected high ninety one today clear skies overnight a low of sixty two and then tomorrow plenty of sun high of eighty nine with news on the hour on the half and when it breaks i'm liz kern on news talk five eighty one zero five nine km m j oh house of clovis cabinet take your car into the shop for repairs is never.

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