Dodgers, Diamondbacks, Goldie discussed on Starting 9 - Starting 9 Episode #6: Rhys Hoskins


Isn't this wildcard spot bore a team like the diamondbacks a team that just happens to be in a division with a you know a recordsetting organisation like the dodgers and the tear that they been on this year that's what this spot a sports bore the team like the diamondbacks who have been able to put together not only a solid season but at the right time right now as you just mentioned jerk put twelve straight games together in a beri beri impressive fashion i mean that's what the spot as four so a team like this doesn't get left out in the rain and i am i am glad because let's be honest those guys on this team that the world the baseball world knows about but i think even more so the broader baseball world needs to see in a poll aguada i walked god debit gimme goldie yup i need goldie in the post i want to see i wanna see lamb i wanna see pollock him in his brand new elbow i need a said he'd these guys in the postseason so that the rest of the baseball ruled can appreciate the terror that these guys aren't had been on and the just just the presence that they provide you make that great point two and uh about how we are probably the most uh paul goldschmidt friendly podcasts in the game we were breaking down the aol wildcard f one of his last week of the week before and one of the big points about it we were making a case for each on the fringe type team.

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