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FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are taking the lead on the investigation. So far, there's no word on what caused the engine failure. On Capitol Hill. Cabinet Confirmations Continue. Joe Biden's attorney general nominee, Merrick Garland, will go before a Senate committee tomorrow on Tom 40. He didn't get a Senate hearing when he was nominated to the U. S. Supreme Court by then, outgoing President Obama. Now appeals court judge and former prosecutor Merrick Garland is President Biden's choice to lead the Justice Department. He goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow from release remarks. We know Judge Garland will speak of prioritizing civil rights issues after last year's mass. Protests over the deaths of black Americans by police. He also addresses domestic terrorism and rising extremist threats, noting his work supervising prosecution after the 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City, Tom Foodie CBS NEWS Washington, Meanwhile, in the House Democrats want to get covert relief approved by the end of the week, with or without Republicans. Update from ABC News. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott Democrats are now racing to pass of $1.9 trillion covert relief package before eight for millions out of work runs dry on March 14th. Bill would also provide aid to small businesses. 350 billion to stay the local governments and $1400 in direct payments to most Americans. Republicans continue to oppose the bills $1.9 trillion price tag. But Democrats with control of the House and Senate have taken measures to streamline the bill's passage, even without Republican support. Amazon headquarters in Seattle became the covert vaccine center yesterday. The tech giant partnered with local hospital for vaccine clinics that first opened last month. Last week's clinic to administer second doses was originally postponed because of snow. The clinic went off without a hitch, along with the shots, a dose of hope. I think it's a real sense that.

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