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Which is start off with joe flacco okay joe flacco has won a super bowl and that helped them get paid a whole bunch by the ravens okay this is the final year that the ravens have to pay him his guaranteed money after that i think it's all just a bunch of incentives or they can cut him before certain point and they don't pay them there okay and the ravens have drafted lamar jackson in the first round drafted him with the last pick of the first round also brought in rg three to be the backup for the season okay with joe flacco there's always been the will not more so the last couple years i'd say but i won't point in his career there was the question of is joe flacco elite all right i've always been on the side of no okay one point yes he was a very good quarterback and above average quarterback maybe a good quarterback derek set all right but it's just more so now he's just been very underwhelming right because he hasn't been sarily terrible i don't think at least i mean greater good i'd say that it isn't just been terrible thing into welding is the right word i think anywhere else or actually let's say that joe flacco was getting paid a whole lot less i think maybe we might think of them differently that more so as bad quarterback which is the guy who is good enough to stay in the league all right let's crazy to say it now because i mean like i said i one point joe flacco was a good quarterback say he does have a super bowl i will say this and i've always said it i think that the worst thing that could have happened to the ravens was them winning a super with joe flacco.

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