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That's not quite sure what's happening here. But according to Travis County Judge Andy Brown. He says the number of vaccines coming from the state are increasing as the access of covered 19 vaccine is expanded. There's also many who still have barriers, keeping them from signing up. One of the main Berries is the Austin Public Health website. Oh, horrible, you would think in a high tech city would be be able to do a better job horrible. The lost in Travis County's top health official yesterday, urging residents to sign up for the Corona virus vaccine after thousands of Boston public health appointments went unscheduled Monday. Dr S. Scott. You know, he's the interim a health authority, he says Austin public health director Stephanie hated Howard, he said about 10,600 vaccine appointments when unscheduled Monday nights after Austin Public Health made nearly 14,000 available to the public. Lost in public health officials plan again to what post available appointments to anyone 18 and older Azad late last night and likely the remaining evenings this week, if not all, the vaccines were immediately scheduled, according to Austin Public Health spokesperson Matt Laura. Now residents who want a vaccine through Austin public Health should sign into that. That scheduling portal that portal at 5:45 P.m., and I'll be honest with you. I'm very has him to tell you even go do that, Because there's so many problems. It's It's so much easier to get a vaccination if that's what you want. I mean, if you're looking for a vaccine, you could find it so much easier in H e B. CVS Walgreens, your own doctor, Very Williamson County has done a pretty good job on this front. Residents that want the vaccine is supposed to log onto this portal by 5:45 P.m. On the days that appointments air dropped this week, and those who sign up at 5 45 well, then a six PM be mixed up at random and placed into our virtual waiting room where they can schedule an appointment. Ridiculous. Isn't it? Get another hurdle? It's like it's like the purgatory of trying to get get a schedule. Why is it so difficult to schedule appointment with Austin Public and I don't know in limit just speaking for myself and my Life as well. Kim him can't be Kim. That's where we started. Austin Public Health Like so many people did in the early days of the search for work, and I get a shot. We we thought we were supposed to start with that Austin public health. We went through this vast registration process and then another step in another step, and then it was like You know, you're like, OK, now can I schedule and it was like there was nothing that showed in the early days of when? Well, I possibly get a shot. Versus going to CBS, their website or Walgreens, or H e, B or whatever is you Those examples? You just put out there, which is just like we have an opening boom, boom! Boom! Boom! Check which boom you want. And that's it. That's pretty much it. It seems like basic technology for Ah, a dinner reservation. Yeah. Show me the technology Is there just, uh yeah, we'd like a table at 7 15. We'd like to get the family vaccinated at 7 15, right? Exactly. My hunch is taught that they're saying usually myself as an example. We were registered and we still are with Austin Public health. We got tired of waiting and we were confused by Austin Public's health website. So we went out on another search and got signed up. It's CBS went ahead and got our first shot at CBS. However, we are still registered with Austin Public Health. I guess I need two unregistered if that's possible, so I think it's government man. I think people have moved. In other words, I think people have a lot of people have moved on that zoo. Other place. That's government for you right there, isn't it? The same people running ERCOT? Just curious is the same people running off to public health runner cuts, right? No, seriously. This is a big deal. I mean, this is this is a major issue. I mean, if you can't trust your local health authority, that's a problem. It was way too complicated with the Austin public health that website. It was so simple, although you know you still had to make it your mission in life to find an appointment appointments or now easy to come by, But it should be. Just get just get online of a cheap. It was so easy. They do it so much easier and better. CVS, Walgreens Wal Mart Yeah, I mean, there's there's so many places where it's Ah, whole lot easier. That's incredible. Yeah, click here, right. Boom! Yeah. Jump in at 51283605 90 Toll free 8775905525. Let's see Joe. The tide of Don show this morning. Hey, Joe. Hey, Joe. Hey, guys, listen. I mean what you're describing about the availability of the shot, You know what these other but pharmacies and medical providers versus often public health. Perfect example of private versus public capabilities. Yeah, that's the government at its best. Better example. Just take that example and then spread it across everything in the country. Yeah, Violet's. That's the quality service you get from the government government. The government here to save us, Joe. Thank you, man. It is 7 11 here on the tide of Don. Shall we want to tell you what a 21st century home energy really looks like? It's a home that produces its own net zero solar energy with the backup battery system, electric vehicle charging, and it's all integrated into one smart system and with the unreliability of.

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