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Richard Serra. Welcome back and Blake Tracy is here, the author of Prozac panacea or Pandora how long has that been out now. And I hate to even say it's been out the first edition came out in nineteen ninety four. So my question is why are these drugs still out there? Right right now, the use of these drugs that increase serotonin is so widespread. I mean, they're dispensing them like Pez. Do you have a handle on what percentage of the North American population is taking some sort of medication psychiatric medication or painkiller. That has serotonin in it. We don't really know that kind of information is kept kind of quiet. There are some things that I've seen that would give us some indication like there was an article this summer saying that twenty five percent of the women in the state of Utah are on them. Currently, you know, I'd say that if we would guess it would be over fifty percent of the United States have have taken one of these drugs at one time or another right, right? So I mean, it's safe to say or to characterize the use as widespread. So in that case, obviously, you know, one mass shooting is one too many. But why are we not seeing even more given the correlation here? Good question, and that comes back to this liver enzyme, okay? In fact, if any of the listeners want to follow along if they go to drug awareness dot org and scroll down not very far at all. You'll see some black circles with different things in them. The second black circle if you click that it says mutant mice may hold the key to human violence an excess of serotonin. That's the study that we're talking about. Okay. So there's liver enzyme that. They were missing is the MA AO enzyme. And if you'll remember there was a group of. Of anti-depressants before this is were called MA. Oh, a inhibitors which basically tells you the drugs work in pretty much the same way because they were inhibiting that particular enzyme causing the serotonin levels to rice. So that's the problem is the serotonin level because what the listeners need to understand is that Sarah Tonen is the chemical in the brain that LSD an PCP increase, in fact, when they go into the brain the brain reads, it is. It's got a huge Russia's serotonin. So if you're lacking, the M A O A, enzyme you. Or if you're using something that inhibits fine, right? Then can antidepressant that prevents you from what metabolising the serotonin properly. Right. Okay. So it begins to build up right now with LSD MP CPU get that rush immediately with these drugs what they do is gradually inhibited. So that it begins to build up slowly. So instead of an immediate reaction from the drug you get a very gradual reaction. So it looks like you are going crazy instead of you are having a psychotic break from drug took. Right. So that's the subtlety behind these drugs. That is so frightening. That's why you're hearing. Oh, yes. This was a person with mental illness just did this. Now, they were crazy, blah, blah, blah. Well, they're crazy because the drug has slowly produced and LSD your PCP reaction, and they're hallucinating from the effects of the drug. So what percentage do we know what percentage of the population is lacking, the M A O, a enzyme? We don't we do know that seven to ten percent of the population lack the liver enzyme. They need to even metabolize the antidepressant. So it's the antidepressant goes to higher levels. Of course, the serotonin is going to go to higher level. Right, right. I mean, if all patients could have a little meter reader across her forehead. So that we know. Knew when they were hitting a toxic level of serotonin. We'd have a pretty good measure of when somebody's gonna go on a shooting. If you were impossible if they were to do an autopsy on one of these shooters would they be able to? Biopsy on the liver and determine whether they're missing that enzyme. I think we have tried that in the past in it has to come from the living human being it has interesting because I know we tried that with a thirteen year old boy that took so long for only six days and hung himself.

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