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And then the third one I just finished called one more time and sexual. It's like red lights. It's not about John Mayer, but it's about sex with someone. Okay. I'm not gonna let you but. No. But we'll face if you know someone more recent. Yeah, I figured anyway. People wanna know this one brandy feud. Yes. But a couple of weeks ago in Brittany was here I've played her in Janet a little preview of one more time. And it's just very like arm be red light special like baby making. Yeah. Yeah. Going back to the brandy Glen bell of at all. I can I ask you about. Lisa Vanna pump. Have you guys heard anything about what's going on in Beverly Hills? I know that has nothing to do with things that I've heard are from like the internet. I haven't heard anything from Lisa's mouth. She is Jane very tightlipped about this. So I have no idea. I'm just curious. But whenever I see her. She's just like don't worry about it. And I'm like, okay. But I'm curious she didn't interview TMZ and said if I am leaving you'll hear it from me. You're not gonna hear it from everybody else. I, but we all know. That's also not true where there's smoke. There's fire that stuff. Yeah. Heard things too. But do you watch the other watch Beverly Hills or the other house while I watched Beverly Hills and jersey jersey a couple of assaults behind right now. But those are the two that I watched because like, I know tree some Melissa. And like some of the old jersey housewives Beverly Hills. I I know most of them usually so I watch those two and then I'm also rob watch sunsets. And. Them. I'm Jay, and I had the same doctor Dr. Dear shoutout mazing. But yeah, what are some of your favorite reality shows? I love most of Bravo. In terms of not Bravo. I watch almost everything on Bravo. I think below deck. This season is one of the best shows they have on Bravo. Like this most recent these rules. I well, I think this season it's comparible. Normally, I think van Bruce top New York is my outs. Loot number one. How's your favorite on York? Ramona's my favorite to watch. But I don't need. I don't wanna like get to know. But she's my favorite to watch think. She's like just the perfect housewife like in in all the best. But also Bethany makes great TV Lou that whole cast is like all stars. And Gs a lot of them have been around for a long time there so wonderfully balanced as a cast, and they all bring some crazy dirigiste feels like she's been around since season one. But she joining seven I just I think New York is the absolute best of reality TV. But I love Dallas is really great. Has two seasons. You guys have. I mean, none of the best shows if you in New York, I think are the best shows on Bravo Shah's. I didn't love this most recent season. But I love I still watch. Yeah. Joy southern charm last season with one of the last season of southern charm was so good the Ashley drama that was so dead on you shop on the I oughta you went to dinner with him after he was on her podcast hilarious exactly how he is. On the show. I was expecting. I don't know little bit different. But he's funny in Sweden. I wonder what they're gonna do with southern charm now because Ashley was that main villain for that last. And that's what made it such a compelling season. And now she's not going to be returning. So I I'm curious to see how they'll produce it. Someone else will become the villain. I mean, it was Katherine before that. I mean, everyone was judging her hated her thought she was thirsty trying to use. Catha.

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