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Scroll Back so you? Have had a lot of. Different avenues that you have started to go back to explain to everyone you know where you went to college where you into grand schooling I grew up in New York I grew up in suburb of Manhattan. Yes. Very close to each. Other that's the is that Lord and Taylor still there by the way. I'M! The one you're talking about. I don't know I haven't been to that one recently. Well now. You have the Westchester Mall. Yes, that was a big big. Yeah, it's an. It's still kind of overwhelming when I go there. Yeah, we used to have to go to the Stamford Mall I. Remember the Galleria They Galleria where you'd get Zeppelin. Gosh, you know. I we would get down like ten cents each or Oh my God. Do you know only happiness the place with the? Rainbows. and. The colors and everything was rainbows and UNICORNS and they had a karaoke thingy where you went in like I can't remember what it was called, just saying no, it wasn't called that, but you go in there and you went into recording booth and you would sing song and they would put it on cassettes. Cassettes and Then they would play it outside. The plane's final. So we'd go to the the GALLERIA and we sing, and while they were making it, we'd go down and get Zeppelin's, which is like balls the FRY does. Powdered sugar. When you're like twelve year thirty. Metabolism on an issue. Might very, Had An issue. In. My very first job was in that. Spring perfume serious lifer Christmas break. That's hilarious. Oh, my gods, anyway so you grew up in wise. I grew up in white. Plains. I went. Where did your parents do my parents? My mom was a nurse My Dad works was an executive insurance brokerage. They're both Jamaican. The they came from Jamaica in the. Fifties early sixties. Much of that immigrant mentality buckle down and do your work your work to your work. I got into. Yell and on the train. Right up. Sorry the train, the car right up T. l.. My Dad said to me. Don't send you Yale to study drama. Now. Why did he say that? Because in highschool you were all into time. I was like three years old. I wanted to be an actress. Yeah, and. And they didn't have any connections to the business, they didn't have to really get me in there. And I have letters, but I used to mel off to like the head of NBC. Like literally like to. See I'd like to be on different strokes or the facts of life, and then it's like. How do I get a part and I have these form letters that say you know we get our actors agents who submit them to cal chats like that's so soon. Saved them. I didn't I didn't know anything about that. And they let me do like school plays right like that and I did a little bit of community theatre, but don't you think though? Don't you think that there is value to being in school plays absolutely absolutely because whenever anyone asks me about their kids like going auditioning, I always go. Let them be the star school play. Do it later. additioning so much pressure, it's hard. It's a business part that I don't love and thinking about acting like the craft that attracts me and then the people who are drawn to doing theater and school are the fun. People will be fun exercises, and like you make machine. Someone does like this. You do silly. Things and it's like really enjoyable. Happy that that was my introduction to it, so I went to Yale and I studied psychology why psychology was also really big interest of mine at a lot of it for like amusement when I was a kid like Easter read a bunch outside, because it was fascinating to me. Did you minor and drama I didn't? We didn't really might have minors okay? I I didn't do very much. Drum yell at all because I was really intimidated, because people like Jodi foster had been there in Jennifer. beals had been there and good. Meryl Streep go there she did. I think singers. She wanted to Undergrad. She went to definitely and the theatres. Yeah, at the drama school and. I kind of stay away from it I did a couple of student films, but I didn't really do theater until I spent my junior year living in Paris and then I did a lot of theater there because I didn't have the pressure of the Yale thing that's interesting. It's I. DID CL- French Theater added French improvisational theater and you speak French. I do I'm fluent in French, so you were doing it on French. French! Amazing yeah, it was really incredible experience. You can do that do that. If you have the option to study abroad. It's true. You know it's funny I didn't study abroad. I went to Syracuse and I did not go. I was musical theater major, but I didn't go and. I always regretted not doing that. I was scared I, it's scary. It's scary, announced the first semester I was very homesick, and somewhere in January the after I went home for Christmas I wasn't planning to is supposed to be there for the full year, but I bought a ticket and I surprised my parents, I went home, and I went back. It's like you know what this is. A once in a lifetime experience. I'm going to suck everything that I can I'm GonNa Carpe Diem every moment and I did from Lake from January through June July. I was there. It was the best time of my life like I. Really. But I I was I used to intern at Elle magazine in new. York. During my Christmas and summer breaks, and so when I worked when I went to spend my year abroad I got to work for their Paris office and I. It was a dream like I was the only one going to classes by like nine to eleven, and then going to roar fashion shows like I. I went to the Schnell show and there's an. glaringly. All these things that were just. Surreal in. Bula, what a great experience was! It was unreal like I. Just get like I was young and just expose all of that, and it was really incredible. It's what I love hearing that because I think it took me a long time I wasn't there. I was very confident in high school, and then I lost it a bit in College I. Get it back till. I graduated college or the end of college. I would say. And I think a lot of people go through that kind, but it's such a great message. What you're saying is because you really do you do need to seize the day. You do need to take those opportunities because you'll never look back and say Oh, I wish I hadn't tried that. You will look back and say I'm sorry. I didn't do that. Yeah, yeah, for sure. Okay, so you come back and you graduate Yale Graduate Yale. Come Back My. Then? My parents say so. What about law school? Because they didn't think. Degree was enough they're. They're very much into education. And the plan was I was going to go to med school, law, school, or business, school and I. Don't like blood and I'm not good at math so school that was. And I made a deal with my dad that I wanted to. Study acting. I'll take the set if I can pursue acting in New York and I was doing that simultaneously I started a company with a girlfriend of mine and we were managing a singing group. I was. I was in I was in drama school, and doing a little writing on the side like I was doing it I was juggling everything and in law school, and then law school started by Thomas. Law School I was just law school and. The acting I did independent film that got picked up by Miramax, the very first week of law school. The Toronto Film Festival. Cold, have plenty, and we shot it for like almost no money and I love hearing that I mean literally shut it I think I can say now because it was so long like fifty thousand dollars. Like he had been took a mortgage on his mom's house red small mortgage. The director. And we got picked up by Miramax. We went to Sundance..

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