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Was slated to not only fill out the rest of the. Series but perhaps he was going to take over the entire marble, franchises a director after the final avengers film now he's out of a job over decades old disgusting. Tweets he made while working for trauma now trauma motion pictures I had also. Worked for trauma I was the, voice of the toxic avenger in fact I worked with James Gunn. He made a. Film called Trump Juliet, and then he also made an appearance in toxic avenger for, and he was he was pretty amazing I also interviewed him what. He did the, remake of neither living dead he was very gracious with his time us amazing and he's worked, with, a number of people and he's very like I said he's very gracious with. His time he he's very? Nice he's very straight and? Straightforward and he and he actually helps people he's very generous Most of the people that I've. Met, working in film I'm talking this is independent film okay this is not like I'm some famous movie starts don't think. For one minute that I think myself of that. I'm just a guy who gets bit parts in some films. People think it's cool to have me in their films and I like being, in them and there are a lot of guys that you work with onset and many of you have. Worked with people who are off pudding with their humor they're. Very shocking they're very shocking humor. Makes, me laugh because. I can't believe that people actually. Go to extreme to do that and so. I laughed, at the the shock value. Of it sometimes this stuff is just, completely out of line but of course you know when you're raised on George, Carlin and when you. Know when you're raised on Andrew dice clay and other comedians you tend. To an and of course Howard working know in. Radio knowing about Howard and what he did Trey Parker and, Matt stone from, south park they have a sixth. Sense of humor they. They worked on a movie, for trauma called cannibal the musical about. Alfred Packer who Apparently was a he was a kind of a pioneer of. Sorts he was a a mountain man who actually was accused. Of eating the other guys that he was with then when they got stuck in the, mountains trying to go through Provo canyon and so they did this film called cannibal the musical and a musical about a cannibal and some of the. Humor is really. Kind of off. Putting in kind of weird bizarre but from there they they now have created south park south. Park of course has had a lot of crazy humor in. It and also they got accolades and rewards and. Awards for the, musical book, of Mormon which some believe has some really twisted and sacrilegious humor in it so I guess when you find, yourself working in trauma and working around some people that have like, really opening crazy senses of humor it, gets a, little out of out of line. Sometimes humor is subjective and and using. Tweets, as a weapon to try and destroy someone I think is a very cheap shot As far as James Gonzales tweets he apologized for them years ago and I think, that if everyone who worked in films lost their. Job for saying loathsome things are crazy things are dark things there would be a lot of people they would lose their jobs including every major comedian out there comedians I've known I've. Done stand up hung out with comedians they've had some times where they've had some very. Very low brow or low blow humor which brings us to Roseanne Barr she was fired. For her politics obviously, because we all knew that Roseanne. Was well, we knew, what she was like we knew we knew what. Her character was like how she was as a person we all knew about her, brash humor and again it was perceived racist racist tweet that got. Her fired from ABC because once again she was four fifty one somebody stepped in and said this will not fly put it to, ABC ABC thought it over and bam she was. Fired Roseanne was four fifty one by her employer because the media generated a hate campaign. Against you because of perceived racist statements The people's 451 her not the government the government had nothing to, do with it, that's why she was. Gonna trying to get people fired based..

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