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The court he wants to play he's gone through every bad thing that could happen to an nba player in his first couple of years injuries a terrible team but all the while it's been trust the process trust the process and joel embiid has stood by that and finally after suffering the or orbital fracture orbital orbital orbital there you go that word is always difficult nick you know that the i sock fracture he was cleared from the concussion protocol he can play but they still took the precaution in holding him out a couple of more days and he's upset because they lost this game if they won you think he makes a big deal out of it not at all it's trust the process i'll be back in game three maybe even not in game three we're up two games to none maybe i'll sit another game but the fact that they lost and he is just chomping at the bit to get onto the court i can give it a pass a mocking to sit here and criticize him for posting that on social media i understand what he's going through what i'm giving him a pass he'll be on the court and game three and he's gonna play a major factor because there's no one of miami that's gonna stop him and he's gonna play a big role offensively defensively he's gonna make ben simmons better and the sixers who should get by the heat in the first round likely will if joel embiid plays in game three and for the remainder of this series eight five five three two three four nbc it's eight five five three two three four six to two and.

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