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Warriors and their families, The Fisher House radiothon continues on W M A. L A cumulus stations used now. W e Mail news at 11. Good morning, everyone I'm John Matthews. After two years, the Arlington Memorial Bridge is officially reopened. The nine year old bridge got a $227 million facelift over the past two years. U S secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. The project has been a success. It's coming on time and on budget, and it will extend the life of the bridge for 75 years. Bernhardt out And this is more than just a bridge. It is a monument to our veterans that connects the Lincoln Memorial to Arlington House. It's a symbol of a country brought back together after the Civil War. Stacy Land on W M A. L and W m a L com justice, some school systems in the region or Rushing to get students back into classrooms to fight back against failing grades. There's a debate underway in Frederick County over whether it's worth it to rush at least people at the hang of virtual school. So I'm not really sure how much educational game you're going to get by throwing everybody into a new system of hybrid. For a couple of months. County Council member Jerry Donald told a Joint council school board meeting last night. He doesn't think it's worth it to take all of the precautions needed to open classrooms like adding Plexi glass and whatnot. No consensus has been reached at this point. The House expected to vote today on ability, duty, criminalized cannabis and clear the way to erase nonviolent federal marijuana conviction. GOP Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio criticizes the priorities of Democrats. House Democrats started the week off with the hearing on letting criminals out of jail early. They end the week with the bill legalizing drugs. They want the American taxpayers to pay for both programs. Voters in five states, Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and Mississippi all approved measures to legalize some form of marijuana used in the November election. The fate of the Trump campaign's latest lawsuit challenging the result of the Nevada presidential election rest in the hands of a judge in Carson City. Trump's legal team are hoping there's enough evidence to convince the judge to either declared Trump the winner of the state or toss out the results entirely. Republicans They they haven't been able to properly inspect voting machines. Trump lawyer Jesse Banal says the campaign even has evidence that tens of thousands of votes were cast illegally, such as by non Nevadans voting or people. Double voting. Democrats, however, say all of this is just the work of a desperate campaign working Overturn the will of the people. They believe the filing is too broad and lacking specifics or any credible evidence them say the machines are lawful and there isn't any evidence of widespread fraud. Fox News Jeff Paul as the pandemic drags on, the number of domestic abuse cases is continuing to rise. I don't see a decrease in the rate of people coming into our shelter. We had three families come into the shelter just last night. Dr. Judy Hanley, executive director of the Loudon Abused Women's Shelter, says they have had double the number of services needed this year. During that same time frame. March 12th 2 November 29th. We have served 148.

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