Ben Burgis on His Book 'Canceling Comedians While the World Burns


Then i know. I know that we could because of your burning hatred of bernie sanders. We could talk about this for hours. But instead you have a new book out. Called cancelling comedians while the world burns a critique of the contemporary left. The only reason. I could come up with that. You would critique the left is that you are a reactionary. Is this true now. More or less i think. Yeah that's that's my main criticism of the left in the in the book That they advocate things that That i don't want you know that that i would that i would prefer we continue to have private health care. And you know that the united states continue to fight wars all around the world and so on and And my by criticism. The left is that their way to effective. Read about so this goals as we've seen so i mean i did feel slightly attacked by your book because if people laughed stopped paying attention and obsessing over dumb bullshit online that would really hurt blocking reporter. Did you consider that at all. No no i didn't. I guess should actually be like one of those health care. Plans that includes like transition job retraining for people who worked for private insurance trainers to become like coal miners in west. Virginia that's right. Well it's a really good book and obviously tied into a lot of teams. We talk about on this show to me. One of the most important themes is this idea of like a leftism or the left as like a mass movement versus clubhouse when you mean when you talk about people seem to treat it as a clubhouse so in thinking about a lot of the different pathologies the left that i'm criticizing in the book which you know which would certainly includes an extreme eagerness to For for people to denounce each other over trivial differences like certain kinds of strange performative radicalism.

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