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Getting you put this shit on the accelerator. But when i go you go nick. That's from the movie. The signal. Where nick and haley along with another. Mit student whose name i can't remember are on a cross country trip to kind of work on some issues with haley relationship with. They don't realize hacking they did at. Mit is following them. Because actually it was part of an alien abduction government sponsored program really alternative reality simulation kind of thing. Have i lost you. I hope not because wacky is that might sound in the cy. Five movie reality. We seem to be in. It might be a lot closer to the non reality reality r- actually end and at the end of the day. That's really what this amazing book by. Today's guest ralph blumenthal whose authored. I think the ultimate biography on john mack. Well i think that's what it's all about. Here's a clip from the interview. What john mack has done along with. A bunch of other people has shifted the burden of proof. These experiences that people are having are not the way that we'd normally talk about them real because my read of it is they are real. We just don't know what real is anymore. What are your thoughts you could not. I could not have said it better now. John often said if anyone has a better explanation. I'm willing to hear it so it's not mental illness. It's not a mass delusion because these people don't get together publicity seeking because they shy away from publicity. They don't want to be known they're questioning. They wish it wasn't true. It's not books. They read a move zinc kids two years old till the same stories so he's eliminated all these other things that it's not so then he says okay so as far as i know nothing has happened to these people other than what they said. Welcome to skeptical where we explore. Controversial science and spirituality with leading researchers thinkers and their critics host. Alex occurs and today we welcome ralph. Blumenthal skeptic oh ralph is the author of the believer alien counters. Hard science and the passion of john mack. It's i really love the title. By the way ralph i. It captures so much anyone who's read the book you know. There's some kind of you've done a lot with just a few words there even with the and the passion of john mack. That was great. So thank you thank you. A lot of work went into that title. Titles are important. I know they are and you just gotta admire someone who's done it and i also just admire this book so much but let me till folks for a minute you know..

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