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John Hickenlooper also challenge Sanders I think you were going to force Americans to make these radical changes they're not going to go on your would you none of the ten candidates mention Joe Biden the front runner he'll be on the stage in Detroit tonight along with nine more democratic candidates now president trump in the administration's is going to set up a system that will allow Americans to legally access lower cost prescription drugs from Canada a victory in court for the president related their alleged Russian collusion fox's John decker live at the White House the president claiming vindication after a federal judge in New York dismissed a lawsuit the Democratic National Committee filed against the trump campaign the Russian government and Weeki leaks over alleged involvement in the hacking of Democratic Party email accounts during the twenty sixteen presidential race the judge ruling that the president's encouraging wikileaks to publish the Emmet messages was protected by the first amendment the president tweeting this is really big stuff especially coming from a highly respected judge was appointed by president Clinton the witch hunt ends he wrote Dave announcer Thursday Pompeii on his way to Asia and says he hopes to soon restart nuclear talks with North Korea which again today fired off two more short range missiles the second test in a week this is fox news Hey mark Saxon here in studio with Charles the war grins C. E. O. of noble goal Charles I'm concerned that however the selection plays out there's a real possibility here a recession stocks could get hit really hard in fact if you look historically were ready for that it's more or less time it's just a question of when what are his gold fit into the picture gold is what it has always been it's a safety play it is the thing that add stability to your account when you see a market that's ready to move up down sideways and you don't know this is where gold steps that they give you that security and more importantly give you that security over time this is not something where you have the time to market exactly you get in get Shorty get protected and then you'll know that you can step out.

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