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The state cannot stop the clock and down to their fourth quarterback hunter hall who never came close to touching the ball on that last series they went wild cat schuyler thompson his back in so that's good news it was able to shake it off britain's their and should be able to run this clock out with emitted fifty nine to go we'll take the staff and he'll give it to barns who gets across the forty five yard lighter the 43 yard line of oklahoma state a threeyard gain minute fifty to go it'll take the point the quake you it down inside one twenty kansas state going to try to rub o'clock often sneak at ear little win they led this game forty two to thirteen with five twenty two to go in the third quarter that was after that 60yard touchdown pass to dole and then after oklahoma state was able to cut it to five of foreign out for the cowboys an kansas staterun a run out the clock here comes the second in seven play it's another gift to barnes barnes they're trying to rip the football out of his hands he just got to hang onto it and finally they blow the play dead at the forty two yard line with a minute ford ago and third down this will take it to about thirty seconds left little under thirty seconds left on third down third doubted six cub in kansas state would end the big twelve championship game hopes of oklahoma state wildly entertaining game in a weightier today since bill snyder his group bowl thirty seconds to go in the game and now taking it is absurd and that will do it kansas comes to still water puts 45 points up against the wall the state hata hang out despite a twenty nine point lead and they're going to knock off the thirteen thranked chief of the country's forty five to forty to get bowl eligible for the eighth consecutive year water game partner we saw here and still water today unbelievable look like kansas state which just running away with his football game i get a lot of credit this oklahoma state football team brazilian see they show the fight their way back give themselves a chance man.

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