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This. Is a seventy five degrees. In downtown. This. Is sponsored by, Leinna I'm Lucia Harris President Trump says there's no way Russia got incriminating evidence against him during a twenty thirteen visit to Moscow. Mark Mayfield reports? When I was there what. Was it thirteen foot long, time ago he said there were many, many business people there in all, fairness that was a very successful businessman but I was one of a lot of people and one, thing you know if they had it it would have been out drum made the remark and a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity after. His joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin Trump said the Russians have no. Information on him and that Putin emphasized there was no collusion between Russia and. His, presidential campaign, back in the metro now Lieutenant governor Casey k. go is picking up a big endorsement ahead. Of next week's. Republican runoff for governor Kay goes campaign got the endorsement of governor. Deal yesterday during a press conference deal say Kay go is the right person to ensure, the, gains made By his. Administration keep. Moving forward k. go will face secretary of. State Brian Kemp a week. From today. Farmers. Markets will no, longer be able to accept snap benefits at the end of this month the government has ended its contract with the company that. Makes the app? To allow for supplemental nutrition. Assistance program payment processing this, good not only negatively. Impact those using, the benefits but also vendors at, the farmer's markets who have been accepting e-bt payment for years the USDA says, they're exploring options to, avoid a service disruption sports now Floyd money Mayweather is the world's highest paid entertainer that's right the boxer name money is the world's highest. Paid entertainer the annual Forbes celebrity one hundred list shows Mayweather pulled in two hundred..

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