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Cuomo, who's just been a disaster. The state totally broke. We have the highest death rate, the highest death numbers. The highest is you can't get the restaurants open in New York City. We've got crime out of control, not just New York City, but Rochester of the entire brass. The police department quit everything falling apart fast under Governor Cuomo now, he said. Restaurants still can't open malls can open. They're saying they want malls toe limit to 50% capacity. Malls have been a 2% capacity for last 10 years, and there's nobody in a ball anymore 50% capacity on the best day in the last five years, they never had 50%. But it's important to reopen the most not anybody's shops there anymore. But the senior citizens needed. You know, the senior citizens go to the mall. That's where they walk, especially when it gets colder the senior citizens to get those big white sneakers. And that's the mall to them is like it's like a $2 billion treadmill. Just walk for an hour in the mall and go home. Why did the casino's open? What is that so essentially to get these casinos open? I guess more important in restaurants. I believe Yeah, I don't. I don't get that. I don't know. One of the reasons the restaurant's can't reopen. Anders Mayor de Blasio hates restaurants. He has an actual hatred for restaurants. He thinks they're a ridiculous luxury just for the rich Governor Cuomo. He doesn't hate restaurants, but he's not interested in them. He doesn't go to restaurants he likes to eat at home doesn't care about them does. What these two guys don't realize. Is that there's a lot of people when they say 3 400,000 people in New York City work in the restaurant industry. It's actually more like a million. It's not just the waiters in the bus boys in the kitchen staff It ripples out into all kinds of things. All the food vendors, suppliers, meat companies, not to mention the million companies that make chairs and table cloth dishes and all that, So in the end, it's like a million jobs. That are lost because they won't reopen the restaurant's. These guys were absolutely nuts on this subject. Everybody else's open restaurants with no problem. They got people eating inside, so I don't know. How we're ever going to solve this problem. As long as these two lunatics you got 16 more months of de Blasio, This's hard to believe you got, like, two years of Cuomo left. I don't know how we'll survive it. Let's take some calls. Let's go to Pauline in Brooklyn. Pauline, how you doing? Time off. I wanted you to comment on Kamala Harris being VP pick when her family owned 200 slaves and five plantations with the outrage from black lives matter. She has Democratic community. It was in Jamaica that her family had slaves. Listen, nobody's got a history of more racist comments and stuff and Joe Biden, but you get democratic immunity. You can do whatever the hell you want. It's Donald Trump Jr. It's called liberal privilege. He just wrote a book all about this effect. We'll have mon later in the week, but its Democratic community can do whatever they want, and the media will protect them. Let's go to drew calling from the Jersey shore. Hey, true. How you doing, Okay. I'm doing good work there. I just thought you might be interested. I just got my third census visit. Two weeks. I filled out there saying I shan't it in. They came to my house and they came to my house again. And again with the same questions. Have some voting by mail Gonna work? That's a good point. Thanks for calling. Hey, Joe Bartlett. If you don't answer that census, they show up, They stick a note in your door. They stick a form in your door. They mail you're 17 times. So what is the Governor Cuomo saying there's nobody do enforced anything in the restaurants? How are we going toe? He says he can't open the restaurants because how will you keep an eye on it? Who's going to do the check? And you seem to have 10 Million Census workers. How do they use them? That would be a good idea. You're absolutely right. Restaurants. Double the number of ours, Okay? Who was going to do the enforcement. Hey, get those its census workers with their stupid forms. Isn't the census overlook in a week? Actually, I think they're extending it because they want to make sure nobody was counted. All right, Well, these people seem to be knocking on every door every day. Every second. Have them toe. All they gotta do is go Look in the restaurant. If it's two full, just send you a picture and tell you let's go to Lorraine and Long Island. Hey, Lorraine. A more good morning. I don't know. If you mention this this morning. I am just so related. I heard that President Trump has been nominated for the Nobel Priest Peace Prize. Calm down. Calm down. You get you Get yourself too worked up, contact. Calm down. I don't want to disappoint you, but he's not gonna win. Anybody can nominate him. Anybody can write the letter and nominated, but it wasn't by the actual nominating committee. And it's the most biased award in the world. The Nobel Peace Prize is totally corrupt. Its ultra liberal only Jimmy Carter wins it. Barack Obama wins it. You cannot win it. If you're Republican, Lorraine, I don't mean to disappoint you. But Don't get your hopes up. It's not gonna happen. Hey, when we come back and colder with us next, but first, let's get all the latest news on 7 10. W O R Here's Joe Bartlet already Mark Mayor de Blasio says bus service is going to be available to students. When they go back to school. September the 21st. He says it will be 100,000 seats available 6000 special ed bus routes. And 2500 general education routes. The parents will begin getting notifications today about the specifics. New Yorkers headed back to the mall today in the city. They re opened with a mask requirement and 50 per cent limit on capacity. Casinos around the state also re opened with a 25% limit. Earthquake hit New Jersey early this morning centered in East Freehold. It was a 3.1 magnitude quake. No injuries or damage reported Joe Biden heads to Michigan today, unveiling a make it in America plan. It includes a made in America Tax Credit 28% corporate tax rate. And the use of taxpayer dollars to buy American products. Next updated noon Breaking news one start today with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning 6 to 10 tomorrow. Joe Bartlett on.

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