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It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Well, this is the straight talk here stand. I don't know if you've ever heard one of these restaurant. Reservations, I'm already getting texts. I remember last year. Yeah. Le-? Remember, I'm getting texts from people saying I can't listen to that. That uncomfortable. Sorry, Stu gods going into straight sales mode. So what is the backdrop what do we need to tell people about this restaurant reservation for those of you do not know, Stu got smarmy and successfully charms his way with a series of lies successfully again into the toughest reservations. Now, he's trying to get a mother's day reservation where Mike how popular is this restaurant? Unspools tapestry of lies. Get a reservation that this is with the cook. Shop in New York, it's an impossible reservation and get on mother's day. If you're a fan of these in you're one of the few people out there. Made horribly uncomfortable to the point that you wanna shut off your radio. There is a bonus Sioux reservation called that will be appearing in this week sue party that's going to launch in just about an hour. So if your fantasies a bonus Sioux reservation, call available on Supandi this one though is with cook. Shop in New York. It's the tenth avenue cook shop that I have I have been there on Wednesday morning. There is a line out the door with a two hour waits. House to God's did. I can't wait to hear. If he was successful this time. He almost always is. Massachusetts. What's your name? Hey, how are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm doing. Well. I mean, not so well, but hopefully this phone call doing a lot better. Wow. The pressures are now all the pressures on both of us. I gotta tell you ten th avenue cook shop is my wife and my mom's favorite restaurant. My mom lives. Upper east side me and my wife down in Florida, but we're going up to New York for the big day this Sunday mother's day, so cook shop is my mom's favorite restaurant. It's also the place that me and my wife got engaged, and we spent our first mother's day. They're all big occasions. We have the cook shop, you know, we cook it up there. And so my wife told me like six months ago. Hey, make a reservation tenth avenue cook shop for mother's day. And I made all the other pla- play tickets plane tickets, I got I have hotel. I can you believe it. I forgot to call. You goes six months ago. She told me I'm going to be honest with you for mother's day. We're all booked up, especially for bread. Is it a party of what? Yeah. It's a party of six. Fortunately, mother's day. The holiday were not doing Hardee's, no large or I I didn't want to go to this. But now I have to because desperate times call for desperate measures. I've never been more desperate my entire life. So here's the deal. I host the biggest sports radio show in America. It's it's also simulcast on TV audience Pierre news, we were just named the biggest radio show in the history of radio. What I have the ability to to a manager. And owner I could speak to is. I have the I will in exchange for this. Great reservation. I will promote you guys on the show on my podcast, which is number one and Oppal beginning Oprah, I will promote you guys everywhere at all platforms in exchange for this reservation. Okay. But what I'm telling you what I need though, bringing eight. Okay. I wanna armed with all the information. You can tell you manager. Okay. It's me. It's my wife. It's Mark Messier. The messiah you've heard of him. Well, we'll tell you manage the messiahs coming and shut messing. Have you heard either New York arrows indoor goalkeeper soccer of back in the eighties? Amazing head of hair. Okay. And then it's my mom and dad, so if you need to like cut out to people if you can get rid of my mom and my wife. But really I eight and then if you wanna talk to you manager, that'd be great. But I needed to be like eleven fifteen. Okay. Let me just report. Okay. I gotta Trump's about him case drop some case case in your face. The franchise. You think she's telling him the messiah is coming. What can I help you? I was on. I was on hold waiting to hear back about a reservation. Oh, you are. Okay. I'm here. What was her name before? Because she's lovely. She's fantastic. The day. Okay. For mother's day that you're gonna make. Yeah. The big day day. And and so it's originally I told the nessa eight people Levin fifteen prime time baby that you know, whatever you wanna do you wanna cut a couple of people out. That's fine. I don't care. I've had people because Adam geishas has me he can go. He's the jets head coach. Have you heard of him on the franchise? I'm sorry what Adam gays New York Jets head football coach good friend of mine because I worked for US PIN. And he just text me that he and his wife might wanna go. So. John home for one second. You're the best. Thank you. I'm concerned that someone relate to her the messiahs coming. Oh, I should've said the war. Can I help you allow this is I was waiting on? Hold with the manager manager the GM now. Wow. This is this is short sweet did us. It was great your manager. Even better. Oh, you get right to it. Don't you? Do it or not it's mother's day people for like a month and a half bride. No. I understand that. I made a mistake. That's why I'm hoping you guys could bail me out of a long time customer the restaurant. That's all how many people listen. It started his aid could bring as many as ten or a few as sick. It's up to you. But I just I need to table at eleven fifteen can't do fifteen. I'm completely both anything. I can do is nine thirty in the morning. Here's what I'm asking. You like anyone else on your reservation sheet? They have the ability to give you free promotion like I do because that's what I'm on for to do. I'm trying to give you free promotion that's free. Right. People on the wait list. If it wasn't raining. I would say yes, I could do it. But it's supposed to rain on Sunday. And I can't just point people who've already made reservation. I know, but I'm bringing more messy. No one else is the messiah. I mean, I'm bringing messy a more messy is going to be a restaurant a mother's day. What's the legendary? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know and listen I'm going to be there and Howard Stern. Let's just be w late if I can do and six people most a messy as mom, I mean, who is your favorite athlete of all time. That's a quick answer. Jackson was my favorite. Listen, just I don't know this day. Bo happens to be one of my best friends. What Bono's Bono's tend to if I bring Jackson on Sunday. Can I get the ten thirty? You're not going to Bono's brunch. I have known you, and he doesn't know breakfast brunch. He doesn't know ten he knows eleven better. And sorry. You really I can do that. That's the most I can do is that if you want to help me help me I'm gonna Jackson you help me help you a couple of C-notes. Bo Jackson a few roses. You could sit at the table with us if you want I don't care if there's anything I could do will take your number would you in confirmation 'cause I'm gonna put you in for ten o'clock if anyone cancels if I have any wiggle room. I will work with you. Ten thirty six people, right? Oh clock. If we do ten comp. I mean, come on. About ten thirty Jackson. People can't today. I will try my best. I.

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