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The tournament on Friday, their national tournament, so congratulations to John Fields and John Paul, a beer in the Texas Longhorn golf team. And speaking of golf, PGA Championship begins tomorrow. We're gonna have our picks a little later on the show on who will win. Also have a fire pick for you guys. You gotta fire pick better Watch out, buddy. All right, you're gonna have to stand back when you hear this one coming up at 5 15 a visit with Rich Beem from Austin, the 2002. DJ champion back there and Beato Land and Hazel team in Chastity Minnesota. He had a one shot win over Tiger Woods to win the PGA Championship in 2000 and two Beato Land could mean so many things that with Isaac that Miami Northwest Austin is that the promotions floor Where is B? Where is Beato and veto? Last side note? I think I did give myself like a mild kidney infection from drinking so much good Betty Ford. Next stop going to the Betty Ford. I worked it all out there. Water yesterday. I was in some pain those. Oh, yeah, it's been. It's been a minute since I've gone that hard. So many days in a row with all the festivals have been canceled the last year and I have to check out my guy at Beato rocks on all the socials. I don't want to start extra beef for you. I know you all guys already have a oddly contentious relationship. But my morning show producer Nicholas Hodge, Nicky Yeah, I'm not even sure what his accusation is, but he's like I see Beato on instagram out in the ocean. What's up with all these muscles? Like, What do you do with him? I'm like, What do you mean? What do you mean? He's like? I don't know. That guy is just like he can't be in that good of shape. What's going on there? I was like I think he likes, you know, works out and he does that cleansing deal all the time. One myself. Yeah. Throws a juice cleanse. And every once in a while, I actually does it. Yeah. What do you what you trying to say, Nick? He's like, I don't know. I just call shenanigans here. So again. I want you to know that. Yeah, my guy. It is admiring the ocean muscles on your getting on your figure there, but he's calling shenanigans. What? It's just It's a healthy lifestyle. It's been quarantined and instead of eating bags of chips, I would do hit sessions and and just try and stay in shape. And I try and encourage you to do this, Max. Yeah. I don't look like no snack. I got a dad cope with, you know, like, but no snacks today I got I got some nuts for you. He's not stature. She said no. Those nuts. You answer. I have some almonds at my desk that I could bring over the almond. I was. Oh, God, Please bring over the almost. He's not himself. Couldn't it's amazing. Hey, Nick. I don't know what your problem is there, big boy. But if you and buck nuts, Ronnie want to line up my I'll do both. Y'all fight both. Y'all like hockey fight both done with my dominant hand taped behind my bag up. Well, Facebook, live it. Let's go. Yeah, that's a shenanigan. I'll get down with no brakes, by the way, all gas, no brakes, hats, Sue Patrick, now! 52 23 Road. Kyle's book last stand hats. Last and hats Now it's true, Patrick. Yet you're all gas. No brakes and sports talk about where they're doing it, man. It's the story. Martin's is also gonna reopen tomorrow after a year and a half year old dirty says, Okay, we have a hand in that we did. We had Mark name er on the air during the other show with market Melinda really? 1/1000 time that had mentioned him on this program. It Yes, pushed it over the title of Dirty Martin's. I haven't had it since I showed up here in and Ed Saturday's show, and he said, But get whatever you want on my tab. And so I ordered food for six people who was like taking this to go see Ed. Hell, yeah, I did. I did. Object. No, no. Because, remember the team. Great guy. You remember the team beat? Oh, since you left Ed and I have been in full on NBA playoff basketball have Yeah, And I'm sure you were glued to the set last night for this. First night of the play in tournament at Clement's had both the winners. I had Indianapolis at Boston last night. Look older, Victory, Baby. I am not the most vigorous of anti play in tournament people, but I don't love it, Uh, watch that Boston Wizards game. Fastbreak Beale dunk grabs his hand Me I was like, dude and that there was just so trash to watch everybody. They were missing Layups. I was like tonight. I am not sitting through this. That's what I call me and round 2.5 the defenders of the play in tournaments like how could you know? How could you object to mortgage Great postseason basketball? Just I I present to you Exhibit a Tuesday night where you have Ah. 27 point beat down patient think the Hornets with a game that was over in the first quarter, and then yes, Celtics wizards Not quite as bad, but you're I beat up with Ed Bradley. Beal is hurt the Celtics him beyond the first his first Don't play playing without their full squad. Jason Tatum scored 50 points. That's a That's a notable thing. But yeah, I was watching these games. I was like this is what this is. This is why we're gonna have now tonight. Okay? Who I'm excited about tonight. 1st 1st game less than two hours away. It's on Spurs Grizzlies is the 1st 16 30 tip there in Memphis in Memphis. Now I am a spurs fan. I am of the Spurs family a season ticket holders been a.

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