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Radio dot com. This week's hero of the week is Debra Jo Seo Hee. And, Well, it's that I don't know. I'm sure you get this all the time idea. Debra Jo will do. Thank you very much. I like that. I like the last name. I love Italian symposium via. You just have to say it very loud. I'll go to a restaurant and just order Chea P. No, just because I like saying that You are a hero of the week. Young lady. Oh, thank you so much. That's a fabulous honor. It really is, Uh, I see so many people who do so much good work out there, and I've Not like I was just one person, you know, so You know what is sometimes just one person is all it takes because it makes a big difference like you have and what you do, I'll tell people. Let's tell listeners about what you do with the pet oxygen masks and the Emma's in foundation. Emma's N foundations started off with myself. One has an individual in a community wanting to make a difference just for my own pet. And I learned that there was an apparatus called Pet oxygen masks, and it was something that you gave to a firefighter on a first responder in the MP or a paramedic in the act cases that they were home fires. That our first responders would be able to save my pets because, as it is right now, all they can do is lay human mask defied the pet. And when I found out about that, I thought, Well, you know, I want my pet to be safe. It wasn't really that much money. The kits are only $75 and They only had 17 trucks in Anaheim. You know, that didn't seem like too far of a such outreach and I went ahead and did what it took, and did six months to just make sure my pet was safe and what I found in that six month period. Was everybody who was our friends on social media. They all love their animals the way I did, and they said, I want my pain to be safe, too. You know Now, emergency preparedness is something we never think about. I mean, we live Hugh and I will live here in California. Do you have your pet emergency kit or even your human Imagine they can, you know So these oxygen mask are they primarily just for animals that are involved in fires, Or is it for other reasons, And I guess what is the difference between a human mouse Gonna pet oxygen mask the way we are distributing them that they are allowing the firefighters to resuscitate the animals, so more often than not, that is for fires. The difference is the contour to them are human mask has our face has very little contour. So it's just sort of like putting your hand out in front of your face. The human mask is very, very flat. And so that doesn't fit on a muzzle. Or now and the masks that we have had this nice forever seal on the base of something that's very cone like shaped And when that deal goes over the snout, it closes those jowls very tight and makes it so that the fresh oxygen can only enter through the nostril, and that's actually a simulation of proper pet CPR. We do something that's called mouth to snout versus the pinch the nose and go through the mouth for the humans. Well, what about what about pugs? Do they have the flat? What They've been chasing parked cars that broke us a phallic Arthur fisher and shapes, different shapes, different shapes, and you know the human mask would probably work a little bit. Better on a power than any other dog. But the pet oxygen masks still also work on the bugs. Another flat node breathe. Who's Amazin? Emma's An Emma Zen is officially my little biker dogs. She came from the local shelter. She was Lost her home from the fires, and I pulled her out of the shelter. She we believe it's half Labrador and have great Dane. She's looks like about 100 and £10 lab. And if you look at Emma's en dot com, you'll see her and all of her glory and her sidecar. She's I ride a motorcycle and I fell in love within a few days of having EMA lived with me. And so I did what all good bikers due and I've got my dog a sidecar and 38,000 miles to work in my road, my correct You have another pet that rides with you. Yes, we do have a new pet. The poor little thing is only a year old, So she is more in the 2500 miles. I'm thinking she's going to get a little bit more attention since he is really a Vietnamese pot bellied pig. Oh, she wears a dog ALS while she rides in the sidecar. Yes, Yes, we do. We wear goggles and little bandannas. And that's a lot of what we get to talk about my foundation because while I know that looks just Adorable and too cute going down the road. We really do it for a purpose. You know, you don't want those eyes drawing drying out because very responsible Yeah. New health issue there. We don't want too much in go win going into year canals, So we cover them up with something, and it just happens to be the the bandannas Look really cute way. Drink, Pedialyte when we're on the road, so we don't get dehydrated. I don't see you through my neighborhood. Now you are You also speak Well. You're certified in pet first date and you teach classes. Yes, we do. We have classes that are local to Southern California that go on. We usually have about one a month. We're having a pet first aid class. Uh, at a place in Santa Ana, Call bus stop. And that's on October 25th and we have one in November on the eighth and Huntington Beach and that that's your animals. Best friend Stock House, So I have a website called Doggie and me dot com..

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