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Tweets jimmy what are unique show one day you have award winning verduci one day you have a special boy named parody larry and every day your show is run by a college dropout war ricky henderson and i've got an archive unbelievable sound rickie sound tony gwynn on ricky or do we go ricky on ricky ricky is one of my favorite baseball players ever everybody's got ricky story delay tony gwynn many of you know the sound bite but it's classic i asked tony gwynn about ricky henderson ricky's had a lot of trouble with his cleats any and every pair of shoes that he gets one of the cleats break off and he he's gotten six or seven pairs of shoes in and out of the six or seven five of them cleaned is broken off ricky was in the let me finish this all right ricky was in the club the other day in colorado and and he just made an out in any rushed into the clubhouse to change changes cleats and i was sitting in my locker in my locker was next ricky's ricky came in and he looked at me says tony ricky cleats break it every every time i go out ricky can't do nothing out there without a click breaking secretary tony gwynn's voice and that cool that was a tour stop because everybody's got a ricky story tony gwynn especially with that's great here like i said clones i'm just kind of playing off you somebody mentions ricky henderson my association with that immediately is tony gwynn tony gwynn talking about ricky's cleats breaking all right we are still efforting larry koon salarycap expert slash nba analyst got him coming up check this guy i would love to give this guy going ticket we'll see if it's going to happen stay tuned there may be a golden ticket or more given out you gotta break go and we will come right back in the jungle i am jim rome phone.

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