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Didn't say the time and you just added all sizing at the at the day after we fought about four hours shut up as we did i told high signed a gala five years though pierce got worse in the race ice i totally agree with you and of those terrible signing so shut up we could to kathy griffeth 'cause i was ready to give her under way was that all i'm not going to develop a shelter or rescue charging signed sandoval the russky now chairing jarrett's and editor in chief janos on them memory you remember is the season they didn't get any pitching that they signed saying canada ramirez ramirez and at the same time contracts i tweeted out this is the day i said this is when should keep member states why sharks is going to lose at the same time toronto gave up a prospect meciar's dolls pretty good move i'd say it was to third baseman in the bay area available the red sox shousan the ball over josh johnson smart will sell out of pat hats now six one seven seven seven nine seven knifes and hopefully that's of red sox talk to they god was born as as as i have awful last night even though they hit the bad is at last three minutes there there's a reason why does you know baseball player top five thousand in the east pierre the upset me it it chicago rush lynched a funny home run absolutely no doubt but at the same time baseball pete lau we are delighted realized that just happened that's an old correct it oh i can't play that again but it was less likely to play again that that was last night the rule of law we've law we can't play highlighting last night that was from last night wasn't luque's has he done that before i don't know if i heard that recycling from it's a new ever offered land that's awesome she's at we got lots against got nine delegates ever get to donald trump who tweeted out invented a word may from self and mexico late one himself but we're gonna try to figure out what the cove half the mayor of venice now let we say that i was five hours before it took it down the prison united states very share guy guy jerry our guy yes i wasn't.

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