Taming Repetitive Negative Thoughts, a Meditation for OCD


I invite you now to settle yourself down and get ready to meditate. Know that as always if you wanna go a little more deeply into this week series. You can always find more support on the no meditation app. You can try it for a week. Free and their you receive thirty minute guided meditation experiences as well as a daily journal reflection question and a slowdown guide with all the techniques and additional ways to manage. Ocd you can try it for a week. Free as you sit down and straighten your spine closing your eyes gently. Elevate your eyes port to keep your thoughts uplifted actor. Face your shoulders and your stomach. Your hands are arrested on your lap upward or downward whatever feels best for you began to notice your breath with each inhale and exhale through year. Now notice where you may feel tense in your body and gently. Release that tension notice if that tension is associated with particular. Is this a thought that is supportive. More negative skippy. Your first days journal entry becoming aware of any thoughts are distracting are negative notice. What thoughts seem to bring you down on a regular basis.

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