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For the parts products and helpful advice you need to get the job done right let's get you what you need getting his own autozone well steve bartlett back in october of two thousand three became the biggest goat in chicago sports while and clear recent history for one of the most ridiculous reasons ever interfering his voice this a little on a foul ball and he became spot he became public enemy number one heck they did a thirty for thirty on this poor guy right well apparently all is well in bartman lands as the chicago cubs have given steve bartman his own world series rings that's right a two thousand seventeen or two thousand sixteen world series ring complete with that aim baartman really fourteen years almost after is poor guy was made an absolute scapegoat that'd be fair the ricketts family bought this team back in two thousand nine they've left they've lived with apartments choice for eight years before that it was the tribune company first of all shame on the tribune copy did nothing i mean baartman was allowed to just be the scapegoated by the way alex gonzalez was on that skirted free he's one that goes thank god there's gotti steve barred because i really the gold for letting a ball go right between my legs that would've been a groundball doubleplay get us the evening and we most likely going to win the game but whatever so in all fourteen years go on after steve bartman got to a position of death threats i mean he probably had to leave the state for a while i mean i remember the state of florida offered to have him come down there and offered of a place because the fact he couldn't show is face in chicago and pretty much the entire state of illinois there was an embarrassment it wise in the cubs did really nothing for a long time after the fact did try to remedy the situation of allowing him to be the team scapegoat now i give the ricketts credit for finally doing something too i guess make this go away your come to a.

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