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City. Beth myers. This Joe exotic ace looks like something you would see out of a Quentin Tarantino. I kind of agree attorneys for Joe exotic trying to keep him out of prison. I'm Beth Myers and the NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. New center will testimony did finally get underway today in Oklahoma City federal court in the trial of the man known as Joe exotic. He is the former operator of what was a very popular exotic exotic animal park in when he would in the far southern part of the state, Joe Maldonado passage. That's his real name is accused of trying to hire somebody to kill the operator of a Florida based animal sanctuary woman who want a big judgment against him. He has pleaded not guilty to charges against him. He's also accused of killing five Tigers at the park shooting them to make room for new Tigers. That would produce cubs for the park. And at the capitol today. Lawmakers advancing a Bill to better protect doctors, and nurses. Here's Katie okays, Calvin right? A purse. Convicted of assaulting a medical care provider in Oklahoma would be guilty of a misdemeanor. This under a state Senate Bill approved today in a house committee bans, assault and battery to all medical providers Representative Marcus McIntyre, Dunkin says a conviction would carry a sentence of up to one year in prison. The state supreme court today rejecting a request by the big drug makers to postpone the state's upcoming trial and a lawsuit that accuses them fueling the opioid epidemic. That means the trial is still scheduled to begin may twenty eighth in Cleveland county, although we have been notified now that state attorney general Mike counter will be in Tulsa tomorrow. And he will announce what is office calls a breaking development in the case. Two brothers ages. Fifteen and thirty two were killed early yesterday in a house fire in Muskogee. Scott crow is the city's assistant fire marshal investigation. I'm working on it, not led me to have a specific point of origin or anything at this time. Have an area of origin, which I believe is living room and staircase. Which caused the ventilation type fire with bulbous staircase housing issues. For those stairs rathers parents were home at the time. But they escaped crow says the father was severely burned. The mother was injured when she jumped out of a second story window, and he says there were no working smoke detectors in the house. A scuba diver from Mustang has been missing in Mexico since March thirteenth thirty year old Blake Mitchell sister, Erica de bowl tells new spore that Mitchell had been renting a room in Gaza. Mel while taking scuba diving certification classes scouring the web, we've been contacting everybody we've been calling my mom in Mexico. Doing as much as she could with the thorns and the consulate and the embassy they say his cell phone was founded his backpack, which was left on a diving dock and also caused L police found Mitchell's motorcycle, a Pasco high school student is in police custody after making a threat against the high school the fourteen year old student was detained this morning. I was not on the school campus at the time. According to the school district's Facebook page police will only say the threat included great bodily harm from the t-. Okay weather center and the fort Warren storm team, a low tonight about forty and then tomorrow clouds in the morning, but then it should be clearing in the afternoon with a high of sixty three on Wednesday, partly cloudy and a high of seventy one join us at six thirty more local news, I'm Beth Myers. Newsradio one thousand KT. Okay. Newsradio.

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