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And the White Sox. They're playing spring training baseball as we speak in college basketball tonight, Illinois and Michigan in the top five matchup. In the big 10. The forecast from the Perma Seal Weather Center right now, 39 degrees in Chicago, But Sonny and hovering around the low forties bore the day tonight Clear skies Lower thirties Southwest winds 10 to 15 MPH Tomorrow mostly sunny upper forties cooler lakeside north to northeast winds that 5 to 10 MPH. Your money on WGN. The Dow is now down 51 points. NASDAQ is down 161 while the S and P. 500 is down nearly 16 points. I'm Jordan burnt field on Chicago's very own. 7 20 w G. N 2 34 Tom Skilling joins the show on our three o'clock hour, one of mentioned that because I'm just looking at his forecast. And there is a 63 degree high a Monday on Monday. So a week from yesterday, there's 63 degrees high. That's the high and Tom even says that the rest of March looks pretty darn warm right now. No snow, he says. No storms. No super cold temperatures anywhere in the long range forecast, so that sounds awfully awfully nice. If you want to spring break here, I don't know. Let's talk about Chicago Theater Week is this week and Chris Jones covers theater over at the Chicago Tribune Does a heck of a job, But it Chris, how are you doing today? Happy Theater week. Onto you. We have to wait till Monday for 63 degrees. I'm ready like now now. Well as Tom what? Well, last time we can speed that up, because if anybody can, he's got the magic wand and the weather, probably, but But, look Hey, 51 by Saturday, So that's not bad enough about. Yeah, no, no, no. So it's theater week, And I think a lot of people say still have a Chicago theater week. Wait.

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