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The house judiciary committee authorizing a subpoena for special counsel robert muller's full report democrats want to see the unredacted version attorney general has told lawmakers he will give them a redacted version of the muller report by the middle of this month those reductions will cover sensitive intelligence data ongoing criminal investigations and confidential grand jury material as president trump scrapped a push to develop a healthcare plan to replace the affordable care act or is he keeping it front and center and what a republican congressional leaders saying president trump is once again signaling he's going to make healthcare a key issue for his reelection campaign and he wants republicans to get on board the president writing on twitter that his health care plan which does not yet exist i will quote be on full display during the election as a much better and less expensive alternative to obamacare the president adding this will be a great campaign issue but republicans on capitol hill don't agree with him majority leader mitch mcconnell tuesday said the senate will not take up this issue and said he convinced the president to table it until after the election karen travers a._b._c. news the white house mourners saying goodbye today to the student killed after getting into a car that she missed took for an uber the funeral for university of south carolina students samantha josephson is in new jersey today josephson was found dead last friday afternoon after police say she was abducted when she got into a car by mistake believing it was an uber nathaniel roland who is not an driver is charged in her killing actress felicity huffman expected to boston courthouse today she and fellow actress laurie lachlan scheduled to face a judge in the massive college missions cheating scandal remember for news anytime on demand at seven hundred w w dot com i matt reeves newsradio seven hundred wwl w onto.

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