Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, Socialist Party discussed on Larry Elder


Anthony list tell Salem radio news this simply shows the Planned Parenthood is all about abortions and nothing will get in their way of being the nation's largest abortion business for about sixteen billion dollars and federal funding for the right to continue check to analyze of more than three hundred thousand children every year enforcement is expected to begin on September eighteenth New York City mayor bill de Blasio is among those saying justice was served with the firing of the police officers chill cold contributed to the death of Eric garner the unintended consequence of Mr garner's death must have a consequence of its own New York police commissioner James o'neill this clear that Daniel Pantaleo control longer effectively service in New York City police officer five years after Eric garner's death his daughter emerald snipes garner thank the commissioner for doing the right thing that said she would continue the family's fight for justice with the loss which will ban the so called which will ban officers being protected by a shield and not held accountable for their actions the city's main police union reacted angrily policemen Evelyn association president Patrick Lynch says it now seems any officers actions can be considered reckless realize your run your own crime Ben Thomas a senior trump administration official says the US has opened up secret communications with Venezuela's Socialist Party boss as members of president Nicolas Maduro inner circle seek guarantees they won't face retribution if they see the growing demands to remove it they spoke with sales dot Kobe considered the most powerful man.

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