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How's he playing in the nfl walk back played and i just remember romeo used to have a lot of big team meetings where he'd go over the game plan and he would talk about the ups and he grill guys it was a parcells bella check method and he was doing me all week trying to get me ready to make sure that i'd studied my opponent on never forget sitting in that meeting and he would say what was james harrison's favor move and i said borsch wrong right answer is speed to power james harrison's going to run three steps up the field put his head down and put a hole right through your chest and i was like wow this is really certain about this guy but i still don't really know much about them and then sunday comes around and end up playing the game i thought i played pretty well but i think he may have got a sack on me here and there but it was such a welcome in the nfl moment because this guy was so strong and so powerful and he was like nobody that i'd faced in college the way he could just move you and you had no chance you're just hanging on for dear life but the welcome to the nfl moment actually happened in the middle of that game also because i'm james harrison it wasn't from james harrison believe it or not it was from typical cleveland fashion score of that game we were down i don't know twenty eight seven or something we were getting their butts with and all offseason the starting quarterback was charlie fry you know he was putting together team barbecues team boat trips not love boat trips just regular.

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