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Insane to say no you're still waiting a preliminary you saying oh i don't say no start this and i started out of all the places that nelly stopped to she traveled the world which was her favorite a puget unsound remain the straitjacket of gibraltar sees stockholm syndrome or it's in carl youngstown ohio i like that last one i'm gonna go it carl youngstown ohio is folks rated placed bad and it's a dead city now yeah yeah it was great that all right obviously like all iconic figures the milky way babe ruth and charleston had a gambling named after her what was it was it a the nelly belt at nutters stutters crazy net via poor d daffy tafea why it's got to be nutters stutters because it's it's insulting to two different groups of an answer well unlike allies question mine actually involves real things that were named after her she was jewish most famous in her time for investigative journalism she's most famous today as a person with a lot of weird shit named after a of the following actual things that are named after her which is the weirdest a parlor car only express train that's most remembered for a spectacular wrecked that killed seventeen people and 1901 b now he bligh's old time icecream parlor and river to new jersey mostly noteworthy because they basically mispell every word but ice in the in the name was it see the nelly bly kaleidoscope shopping jerome arizona the world's largest kaleidoscope shop and not because there aren't others apparently it seems like they'll be an easy title the take great but or or was it d the round the world with nelly bly board game in which players compete to see who could mary the oldest and least healthy millionaire i think he was seventy one she was like my age i'm gonna go with the kaleidoscope shot just because i love a world where there's more than one live without world.

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