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Example how you see yourself in relation to sport and your identity and those variables have a massive influence on the experience of success and failing and sport. And that's that perspective for me which is something that is incredibly important for coaches and appearance. And you know. We talked about skulls earlier for teachers to understand. We're resilient sets and resilience as a cool able resilience is about your perspective of the context in which you're experiencing or and influences everything that the inflows from that moment so if you have a speed of that has that that context is directly related to yourself worth and then you haven't performed now. You're in a really risky position of feeling pretty bad about yourself. And if that's four hours we have to be out on the golf course on cricket pitch it can be pretty horrible place to be in so when you're working with people and these situations what do you say to them. These layers here. We think about human development. I'm healthy human development boats layers of natural resilience anyway so if we think about raising healthy children that's really relevant for thinking how we support athletes to function well as well so the discussions with an adult athlete. Moore the same liars that we want to evolve in our children to embrace school and embrace challenges and stipend to opportunities and to see those moments in time on directly related to their own identity or integrity. So the outcome of Wien doesn't influence whether I feel good about myself and so that is lies that we WANNA stop voting with a child or the same as you want to start voting with an athlete and so the perspectives. For me. Which are really important. You know if we think about labeling people to understand them the discussions with an athlete helped them understand that -ironically as simple as it sounds that they are human bane they have an identity attached to a history and ancestry that choosing to be in that sport and choosing to be doing their thing and then off really moving was stunned moved. Discussions of maturity would maturity is realizing that sometimes things work and sometimes they died and if we can keep those discussions going with him we can have a discussion about perspective about what success really is and what I find. Is that the athletes that have perspective that success is related to if it an pro deeply attached to the way that they do what they do how they do what they do versus outcome and numbers and world rankings and what people were saying about them. Social media have a very different relationship with pressure a very different relationship with performance in the moment of pressure. There's a scene of embracing the moment that. Contribute to the throw and the competitiveness that makes elite sport that very unique thing and so they end up like an adventure and space rather than someone who is disparate for that space to be successful when outcome seen because it helps them feel with while and it helps them feel that what they've contributed autun invested in was with wile enough. We think about how we want teenagers to consider the world at the moment with Isis and tear attacks. And all of these threats. It's no different. We still want them to embrace the reality of the world that we live in but we still want them to go through the airport eighteen years old and embracing on some sort of angel somewhere in the world with confidence in ambition. We want athletes to be the same. We want them to go to a world class of with confidence and emission and seems curiosity. Wonder how fast I can run. I wonder how many runs. I wonder how fast Aachen Bola one so. There's a wonderment in that space. Now if we can get into someone's psychology the moment of pressure becomes a thrill to Kyle Jamison and what it's like to go from obscurity to the hotshot cricketer. Everybody wants to talk about. We have been of a bit of a crazy ride last few weeks and probably still looking for a way to take bacon have bracing actually Sarka What's unfolded something your choice. Since YOU'RE A kid Play one game for New Zealand and Just obeying the gruppen up in lucky enough to achieve that now and I think is kind of from where I'm at is applied kirk and try and get better and just enjoy it sir today. I'm Sharon Kelly. The detail is brought to you by newsroom. Dot Co dot insead made possible by ironside and inside on air. You can get the detail downloaded free to your mobile phone every weekday from any podcast platform. And if you're using it will give us a rating so other people can find us to. This episode was engineered by Jeremy Ansell and produced by Alexia Russell. And thanks to Kyle Jameson and David Galbraith Cockatiel..

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