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In some of this the there's there's pre existing powerlifting manufacturers now they're out there and i went to every single one of them one in particular was titan another one was elite and i went to i went to a few other people the weird thing was in going to elite you know they elite fts dot com my buddy dave tate he and i are still friends the weird thing with them as ours doing stuff for them and i worked for them for free for a long time posting up logs and and making people aware my training and that's how i just got known in powerlifting in the first place was was through dave tate's platform and so when i went to them with the concept and idea i thought i thought for sure i thought they'd be like oh yeah sounds pretty cool but they didn't really want they didn't want to explore you know they didn't say the shit idea they just said hey we sell bench shirts and at the time that company wasn't really making some of their own specific stuff that way i think if i went to them you know more modern times within them now people have more access to some of these things and so they can make things easier so maybe they would have they would've but anyway the point is they they didn't think the idea was good enough to move forward with him and you know in going to tighten i knew that like i didn't really know them and and i and i just i knew that that probably wouldn't work out so great but we did have some conversations and then the guy.

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