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The fame manners you're hospitalized. I'm Layla Mohamad lie from the K. If I 24 hour news room, former L. A Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda has been hospitalized in Orange County. The Dodgers tweeted that Lasorda is in the ICU and is resting comfortably. Lasorda managed the Dodgers in the eighties when they won two World Series championships. He is 93 years old L. A county sheriff's deputies have shot and killed a man who, they say pointed a gun at them on the outskirts of Inglewood. That shooting happened shortly before two this morning at South Van Ness Avenue and van which street But he's recalled about a man standing in the street and pointing a gun in a passing car. They say they ordered the man to drop the gun, and that's when he turned and pointed it at them. Deputies say that's when he was shot news brought to you by direct buyers calm. The U. S. Is topping 11 million cases of covert 19 a million new infections and Jess the past week. ABC is. Trevor also says that the city of El Paso, Texas, has become the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak with case is continuing to rise. It has been a nightmare. Let's just be honest. Business owner Laura Rayborn is one of the many who have lost family members in El Paso. She's tourney between safety and her livelihood, cautiously re opening her salon after a state appeals court overturned the county judge. Is lockdown order. There's a lot of people in the hospital, and this is not a victory. Washington Governor Jay Inslee has announced new restrictions for the state where Cove it 19 1st showed up. Endsley says the state is in a more dangerous position than back in March, when it all started. Average daily cases in our state have doubled just in the last two weeks. You cannot go on like this. We have to get this under control or medical system will soon be overwhelmed. Some of the restrictions going into effect in Washington this week, including into indoor dining and shops, will have to reduce their indoor capacity to 25% bars, Gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys and museums will close. Health officials say The increase in covert 19 cases is alarming if we don't basically take The important steps like stop swapping error with are our neighbors, our friends, our colleagues. We're going to see these numbers grow substantially. Dr Michael Ulster, Holmes said. The country is in a dangerous period, he says it's the most dangerous since the Spanish flu just over 100 years ago, Poster home is a member of Joe Biden's Cove. It 19 Advisory board. President Trump has admitted Joe Biden won the election in a tweet, however, Trump tweeted this morning that Biden won because the election was rigged. Joe Biden's chief of staff, says he is pleased with President Trump's tweet. I accepted as a further confirmation of the reality that Joe Biden won the election. Plane said Trump's tweet is further confirmation that Biden was indeed chosen by the American people, he says Trump's Twitter feed does not determine whether biting this president or not. The number one ranked golfer in the world has won this year's Masters tournament and his first green jacket, Dustin Johnson says growing up near Augusta National and participating in his first masters back in 2009 has made this year's tournament the one he really wanted to win. There was something that Did you push yourself for you? You know, that's why I work so hard It is to be in this position and you know, finally have have the dream come true is I think that's why you see all that emotion. Johnson said that 72 hole scoring record of 20 under the lowest score two part in the history of the Masters at Augusta National. Let's head to work zone in Montebello on the 60. That's on the 60 eastbound.

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