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So we truly are a platform company. And so I've thought it was interesting to interview you in light of the current economic climate just this morning. I'm seeing even more headlines about layoffs. And I think they say that there's two things that are certain in life, death and taxes. So people are still going to have to pay their taxes, even if they're losing money. I don't know, but maybe there's fewer small businesses that are sprouting up. I'm wondering what kind of insights you've already kind of seen and in terms of how the economic climate is affecting your business and how you're thinking about planning for the year ahead. Yeah. Well, it is true, no matter what the climate you do have to do your taxes and we are here to help and one of the things that we do is we make sure you're getting your highest refund. And that, for most people, most of our customers is the biggest paycheck they get all year. So really, we're doubling down on what we already offer to our customers so that they can prosper. You know, our products are very resilient in these times because our customers need them. So when you are in a period where you want to budget more and you want to make sure that you are not spending more than you have, we have mint, which is a personal finance app that allows you to see your spending budget, et cetera and then pair that with credit card while you're getting to need alone, getting the best loan rates. I mean, our whole our whole strategy really stays the same. It's just doubling down on making sure that we meet our customers where they are to provide clearly what the value and benefit that are our products are for them, which are incredible during economic uncertain times. We do find that our small business owners are incredibly resilient, even in tough business climate. We know that during the pandemic, war small businesses started because they were getting scrappy and their dreamers and they saw it as an opportunity. And so we really do see a lot of wonderful resilience in our business model. So if everyone has to pay taxes, who is the addressable market everyone, like how do you think about who you're audiences across these different products and I also feel like there's a little segue 'cause I saw that you were ahead of marketing for Amazon Prime, which I feel like is also similar or maybe they're just trying to get eventually like every American home, perhaps gonna do their taxes through TurboTax or use mint or use credit karma. Yeah, you know, look, it goes without saying we have a very high total addressable market. Once you reach a certain age and spent and income level, you do have to file your taxes. And I think a beautiful offering we have is we do allow you to file for free. If you're a simple tax filer, you're going to be able to file for free. And that ultimately has our target audience really large. So we have over a 100 million customers on our platform who really

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