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Never took a client to play entertaining. Yeah that was very different for me and the corporate politics kinda got real right because you really try to stay with this company who you know. Who's was this about mentoring. And who do you need to know. And how do i how to engage in a different world. Very different from when i was Being successful as a field engineer so was looking for that book for someone with my background. What are some of the things that i need to do professionally. And i couldn't find it. Okay so i went and interviewed ten of the most phenomenal african american successful females. I knew and just would here in houston most moore is. What are some of your best practices. What were some of your lessons learned. Okay what are some of the things that you've seen that you would have done differently. How do you handle money. Do you handle your manager had you handled. If you feel like someone is arrested in or someone is being dip treating you differently. Because you're black so all of this i mean. How do you handle customer sending handle customers. How do you handle when you walk into. Roman people automatically assume. You're not the professional. You are the secretary are To bring him some war if you are the professional you got because you're a black woman eggs exactly. We'll talk about that and we'll talk about that too so it was. It came to be excellent book and so many people and then Active with national society of black engineers. So i will go and kind of the speaker series speakers circuit. And i would lose a lot of people asking me to speak a lot. You know haven't had these years in the field. And and so i would sell the book also and Amazon was brand new. I put it out on amazon. I sold the book. And i never went into a re- copy of it. I never went into To the next edition. And if i were because i heard this question is the question i heard from so many people saying this book is for everyone you titled for black women but my daughter would need it too. Would i do one for all females. That's potentially that the thing that i really i was at the change about it. I was at this phase in my life. I was going through a divorce and i was just so transparent way to transparent you know slack. I wanted to tell my whole story in a book. You know being in disarray ship stuff on there. I mean i disagree. I think when. I was going through my divorce all right. That's when i was in a serbian vulnerable started talking to people. You know what i mean. Like hey this is going on in my life right now like whenever i showed that vulnerability in kind of like not the standard like jp. You know what i mean. That's that's what i noticed. The started connecting with with customers. Know lot more a lot more. Because you're you're you're showing a new side true ciders. It was the to me. Sure i think that's important to do it. It is it is. It was a phase. I went through and i tell this one story about this guy. Tried to Kinda came onto me and tried to kiss me. And i was like you know and so. Hr enemy wants so. I'm just telling the stories. An example i handle is over. You know one of those things that happen and hr comes to me and says paula. We think we need to talk to you about. Oh.

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