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Moon base. Aid was fun man. It was absolute blast. I mean you. John c reilly of fred amerson. Those guys were unbelievable. Just absolutely unbelievable. Tim heidegger day. Every single one of them had their own personality and who they were but they all messed so well you see there. Were friends off off off camera which made their interactions on camera so much better and And they were just true professionals and they held me feel comfortable in a world where i did not feel to. Countable is probably the first time. I was really shy on cameraman. I wanna go from this moon. Bay saint washing machine conversation of turn it back a little bit to The day after the super bowl and get to the beginning of your off season this past off season you disappeared for a while. Suddenly you appeared on. Nfl lives on espn. And i'm like oh. Finally we get to see travis kelsey but we've seen it off seasons before where you're active on social media you are popping on interviews here and there. This was a little bit of a different offseason for you. Where did you go first of all. And how did you go through that process of getting over that loss Well the biggest thing is. I didn't want to let anybody think different you know i was. I was embarrassed by that loss. You know. I didn't want anybody to think that i just you know moved on. Life is good all gravy baby and it. It's it wasn't you know i i was very. I was very pissed off in myself. In how i went out there and played in the biggest stage in the world and You know i take that to heart. And i immediately turn it into motivation and working harder and getting better at the game of football and you know that's where we're at right now. You know as off season of that a lot of fire right here in the pit of bit of my heart right now that i that i got to keep showing the world that we are who who everyone thinks we are. And that's dominant force on the football field. We did get to see you on. Espn again last night. Espn two with the manning brothers. What did you enjoy about that in. Let's be conservative or liberal. Whatever you wanna call. Let's say fifteen years down the line is that something may be That you might wanna get into post career. I mean pain. Eli made it made. It be made feel easy. Made it feel like it was a it wasn't worth man so if it feels like that i could definitely see myself getting into it but those guys like i said they make it look easy there so professional and just so used to be in themselves on camera and they're easy easy going with the media and all that it's just It was cooling. It was a fun experience to jump on there. Talk to him about football. And it kinda here. Some of the in and outs on on on the game at what made them so great and one point you thought you're playing the chargers next week this something we'll travis kelsey in season is just so locked in day by day that you kinda just go one one thing at a time. He just try to win win that day. What what went into that. I think i always Mondays are off day. So i always take twenty four hours. Just enjoy the win. Before i get onto anything else. I think that that break Is much needed. Every you're going to have to get into the facility right after a game in you in the recovery room. Getting ice tubs. When the body isn't feeling great. But i was feeling pretty. Good so i just you know i was enjoying the win and when they asked me who we played next week. I just had a new way. The chargers early. I knew we played ball temporarily but i couldn't put together the fact that he was asking me the question because labor ravens next week and i freeze over my head off frees up sometimes out the american century golf tournament and man we ask you ad nauseam. You probably get sick of about relationship with patrick mahomes. So i'm gonna ask you in another direction. What was it like to play with justin timberlake and get to not man tennessee kid. Maybe i'll tell you what my been such a fan of jt and just an admire of his his approach life. You know he's always seems to be you know backing and and helping the right. Bright people are doing the right things and then on top of that. He's making fire music single time. He drops an album. So i i was. I was lucky enough to see him live and in concert out in. La a few years ago and got to meet them Through the the american century and in going and seeing them in concert it's just been it's been cool relationship built over the years through through me just appreciating who he is in me getting being grown up now and him actually seeing me. Do some things that That he can appreciate but nothing but nothing but but a whole bunch of fun on the golf course man. It's gotta be a wildlife. I know that like your boy left. Go got into it. Playing beer pong with post malone and now getting to golf with justin timberlake. It's gotta be. I'm sure pretty surreal. I mean you are very very talented at your craft has ever become normal that you're getting to interact with some of these people that you thought. Maybe you would never interact with as you were growing up without a doubt without a doubt. I think it's mo- mostly at the american century..

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