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Tune in to the Tom Harmon radio program, your home for news opinion and insight right here on WCTC, eight twenty where facts matter. This is w CPT's art of the city. We let you know what's happening in the theater music and visual arts coming up on Thursday, February seven from four fifteen to six forty five pm as the LeRoy Neiman, censor thirty-seven, south Wabash avenue school of the Art Institute, Chicago presents conversations on art and science often, we think the material world in terms of static stable objects with fixed boundaries and predictable properties put technological and artistic innovations as well as environmental and sustainability concerns are challenging conventional notions about materials and highlighting the limitations of static object thinking as a professor of chemistry Cassandra, Frazier's lab investigates luminescent Orrin dies for imaging and sensing these show potential as dynamic media, not just for science and medicine, but also for art and design as environmental reporters and renewable inks. For more information, go to S A, C dot EDU slash. Events. I wasn't prepared to be a caregiver to mom. I had no idea how hard it would be what I would need to know things. I never thought of like how to improve for mood and waste for me to stay positive. Luckily, I found the caregiving resource center from AARP it had articles about the basics. That also information about the hurdles I was facing caregiving resource injury. aarPorg/caregiving articles tips and tools to help you both care for your loved one and care for yourself. Brought to you by AARP and the Ad Council..

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