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Can you hear me? We sure can't go ahead. Denise, okay. I watched the testimony of Dr ward to the interprets eating, and I remember at one point she was asked what was the thing that she remembered most about the entire alleged attack. And she said that she lost a laughing of the of the two men in the room earlier, she had said that during the alleged attack. She had her mouth covered by judge Kavanagh's hand. And that at that point. She was great. She was really worried that she might even kill her that she might not be debris that seems like it would be the Atlanta most memorable out of the entire experience rather than the fact that they were laughing. So that just calls into question her veracity. I believe Denise, do you believe her do you believe her story? I am not certain that I do because of other things that she said as well. Also during her initial open statement, she said that once. Allegedly Judge Kevin had been thrown off of for whatever happened. She ran to the door and just ran out. Now beginning of that statement, she mentioned that they locked the door behind him when she went into the room. I think she would have struggled. I would've been in a panic, and I would have struggled with the door trying to unblock that she didn't even mentioned that she just said she got up and ran out. So that kind of makes me a little bit suspicious of author her conversation kidneys. Thank you. We'll move onto Charlie joining us from Waterville, Maine or line for independence, grabbing Charlie. The victim. I would like to say that some of the stuff that don't make sense. She was diving at the clubhouse pool, Patty and it supposedly he was trying to take her clothes off. And if agency Hoopoe to what they do on after they go swimming. They close. Jennifer from Saint Paul Minnesota. Good afternoon. Jennifer. Hi calling from Minnesota. I've been watching the hearings today and fall in the Senate news is seems to me that this isn't a hearing for Brett Kavanagh. But it's a hearing for the cars, and Kevin is being sacrificed for all women who have been assaulted, regardless. Whatever is true in the Ford case. He's the perfect lamb. Moment. Here's Senator dick Durbin..

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