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Yes, because it was unlike what people expect from politicians not to not to jump in on on an opportunity like that. Right. And he, you know, I mean, he doesn't people's personalities or their personal life since he just he's not interested in that kind of politics. He didn't. He, you know, he always wants to, you know, if he had won, he would have wanted to have one on the basis of the ideas that he was putting forward so that he would have in some way mandate to push those ideas through because it's not it's not personal for him. As he often tells me, look, you know where I come from, I wasn't somebody who was born groom to be president of the United States. I don't have to be president of the United States and that's up. That's absolutely true. He's not somebody who's you know, was groomed from child to be the next leader of the free world. That's not who he is in net net pack in Brooklyn. They weren't there. Nobody training school in Brooklyn that insa- that guy looks like he could be president United States -actly, hey. You yourself had some pretty. You're a fierce advocate for your guy, and you had some really big rose particularly about the process itself and what you felt was the stacking of the process against him, and I assume you to this day, you feel that way. I think you've written on it and you know, I absolute. It was well, we know Donna Brazile exposed that in the summer of twenty fifteen. You know, there's a document between w Osman shows on the Clinton campaign, essentially giving them control over staffing and messaging. And that was certainly not something that was revealed during the campaign, but there were enough other things. It's clear that the Clinton campaign dictated the debate schedule including wear and win and how many there would be that was dictated by them. And you know, I mean, Tom Perez I think is in a much different position. I think he will be a regardless of who's the candidate will be a much, you know, honest bro, honest broker. I mean, that'd be Wasserman Schultz, you know you, you remember the point in which she showed off our data because. Couple of low level staffers, you know, took advantage of a breach in the firewall. I mean, you know the the charge was that you guys had stolen date of chores campaign, which the subsequent investigation demonstrated which we paid for showed by a contractor picked by the DNC. There was no data stone was modeling data. You would have had to memorize, you know, ten thousand personal lists and the course of thirty or forty seconds in order to have had data you should answer. I didn't ask you when you brought it up before, do you think he would have beaten, you think Bernie Sanders would have beaten Donald? Absolutely. I do think he would have beaten Trump and because he would not, you know, if you look at, you know, you look at Michigan, Hillary Clinton loss Michigan. The primary, she lost John election in exactly the same way. You know there was depressed turnout into Troy and Wayne County, and then overwhelming turnout against her everywhere else. Small towns, rural areas, suburbs, and he was. Was it was an identity. You know, Bernie Sanders would not have lost Michigan, not have lost, Wisconsin. I hear you and, and I don't know the answer the question really, but she kinda cleaned his clock among African American voters in the primary. So why do you think they'd be more well. Well, that's not. So that's the narrative right in early in the campaign that was true. By the time we get to Michigan, he's going toe-to-toe with her with African American voters under forty. By the time we get to Pennsylvania when the campaign in fact is tanking. Basically our campaign after New York started steady decline. He was doing better than she was with African Americans under forty. We only lost the African American vote in Pennsylvania by ten points. I think we lost the overall state by more. So we're doing better with black folks, American voters under forty or not a majority of African American votes. No, that's right. But you know, this was an issue throughout the campaign David. If you look at voters over. Yeah, six any race? It doesn't. It was. That was not, you know, what is true? Is that according to the exit polls, the percentage of African American voters who are millennials, much smaller than other communities of in the x..

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