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Higher. Ron here are the stories. We're working on today by three to two vote. The north Smithfield town council approved a resolution last night to request that town departments refrain from purchasing Nike product Nike has generated controversy for its new series of advertisements featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick who took a knee during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality on I witnessed news north Smithfield. Resident Paul Jones says the move is unacceptable as a member of the school committee. I think often of our students I believe the vote for this measure is intended or not going to send a message to our students that it is acceptable for government to punish speech north. Smithfield town council president and former Rhode Island state police trooper John Urquhart says the resolution is a stance in support of first responders. There's another confirmation of West Nile virus in Pawtucket. The latest test results are from mosquitoes trapped on September fourth now to date. Ten samples of the virus have been confirmed in seven communities and four samples have tested positive for eastern equine encephalitis state health and environmental officials say positive West Nile virus findings in southern New England have been hired this year than in recent years and the risk will remain high through this month. The first televised debate is being announced for the primary winners in Rhode Island's gubernatorial race democratic incumbent Tina Ramon due to time Republican challenger Allan Fung, an independent Joe Trillo are all set to debate at Roger Williams universities Bristol campus at seven o'clock on September twenty seventh. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is slamming the way sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee. Brett Cavanaugh have been handled speaking on the Senate floor yesterday the Connell made his case but accusation of thirty six year.

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