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You really have gone from the kind of or the people used to cool humorous writing, you know, occasional writing the gold it in the New Yorker. I think it was Thurber and it was Benchley and now you've edited and Thala, jeez fiction, and you've kind of put on display the fact that writing is an art and. Craft for you. You disappear from scenes. The way your father used to do just walk out of the room. You go to your desk and right when you're with your family writing is part of the business of the day, and I wondered now, have they gotten used your family to you getting up in wanting out? I saw you writing mouse bed down when we were talking about it. They're a great things that occur in life and you have to have a notebook to keep track of them. I do. I do personally, and then I take the notebook calm, and then I write the next day. You know, like, you know, those guys will wear those sleeveless tank tops, but they cut them all the way down the side to the waste. I was interviewed by fellow in England, and we were talking about those and he said, oh, you mean skank tops? And I'd never heard them. Referred to as skank tops before, but it's actually the perfect word plus you never call a guy skank, but up such a perfect term and a mouse bed is such a. Such a good word for for kotex nor everything down. And then I go back to, I hotel room when my house and first thing every morning I pull out my notebook and I write it all in my diary. I guess I, I kinda start by look at the day before and I think it would it. What moment was I most alive yesterday? What did I feel most engaged? Because I think I'm like most people and then I'm living in the past or the future most of the time, but every so often I'm present and that's usually the moment when I feel alive and it is not a moment of adventure necessarily. Sometimes it's like a moment of connection with another person or sometimes it's just witnessing something. I remember one day not long, goes on an airplane, and there was this woman across the aisle, and she was using her phone. To secretly film the flight attendant who was in her cabin. And I asked the flight attendant about that later and she said, people do that all the time. They're just trying to catch his something, constantly filming us constantly. But just the look on that woman's face as she was secretly filming the flight attendant. And I would doing what I thought was so evil. Really, you see people now all the time with little cameras doing. I don't know why it bothers me. I write everything down. I don't know why it bothers me that other people have different methods for, you know, we Cording things, but it does bother me..

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