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Female. Newsradio nine fifty. Good morning. Thank you for joining us. I'm Roberta just seen it on Tom, Jordan. These are the top stories have six twenty investigation is underway in Indonesia this morning after all lion. Air passenger flight with one hundred eighty nine people board crashed into the Java sea just minutes after takeoff. The plane was traveling from the capital Jakarta to a popular domestic tourist hub off Samara. Here's BBC, correspondent charisma Swannee. The search and rescue operation currently is focused on an area on the beach and the coastline off a KC long. Which is where officials say they have found pieces of the plane, debris of the aircraft that they believe to be a from this crashed aircraft experts say at this point. They don't expect to find any survivors. And an investigation survivors are recounting the terror during the massacre that killed eleven Eddie, Pittsburgh. Synagogue suspect Robert Bowers is expected to appear in federal court today. One survivor says members of the synagogues new light congregation were in the basement Tim beginning to pray when they heard crashing come from a stairs. They looked out saw body in the staircase. He says he called nine one one, but was afraid to say anything for fear of making noise as gunshots. Echoed upstairs. Why do we like scary movies so much this year sequel to the original Halloween had a monster opening and it was number one over the weekend? Margie Kerr is a sociologist who studies what happens to our brains when we get scared. She tells CBS that feeling we get is actually kind of a high heart rate increases for breeding faster. We've got the adrenaline or not really thinking about our bills or the future or you're just in that moment in that moment, we've been employing people to help us be scared for centuries because we wanted we wanted to be scared. And we'd like to pay people to to.

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