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Check it out. To report fraud, call us at one 800. This is a public service message from the national insurance crime bureau. Good Wednesday morning four 55 on WTO case. Sports hit 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. Let's take a nap with rob once again this morning. The nationals got a strong 5 plus innings from Trevor Williams, but he did not get credit for the four one win over the cubs, but CJ Abrams probably should after going three for three at the blade, including the go ahead RBI single for Dave Martinez. He stayed on top of the baseball, something that we preached with them and worked with them. They did really well. No chasing. You know, we chased a lot less today, but he was able to get the ball down in the zone and then hit the ball hard. So did Alex call for a base is clearing double to provide two more runs of insurance, Jake Irvin gets the call up from triple-A to take the 7 O 5 first pitch in his major league debut. As for the Orioles, Ryan mount castle hit a pair of long two run homers to Kia 5 RBI night in The O.C. 11 7 win over a royals team that's now dropped ten straight at home. The D.C. defenders went undefeated at home and Reggie Barlow is the XFL coach of the year after leading the north division champs to an XFL best ten and one overall record. NBA MVP finally goes to Philadelphia's Joel embiid after being runner up to Nikola Jokić the last two seasons. LeBron James did not receive a single vote for MVP for the first time in his illustrious career and he responded by aiding in Anthony Davis rare 30 20 feet in the Lakers game one win in Golden State, the Knicks got a combined 55 points from Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle to beat the heat without Jimmy Butler and even the series at a game of peace. Rob woodfork WTO sports. His WTO news, WTO pfm Washington, WWW and assets wt LP FM Braddock heights Friends.

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